Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 16

Chapter 1: The Reward of the Campaign

"This war was definitely a harsh one. The war was started by the former King of Gallia, Joseph. His conspiracy included turning not only Romalia, but also the entire Halkeginia continent into ashes."
Osman's voice resounded throughout the hall.

This is the main tower, the second floor of the magic academy's dancing hall. Students who were dressed nicely were listening to Osman's speech meekly.

When the sudden war between Romalia and Gallia was started, they fell in horror. Since the war between Albion had just ended, their hometown was in a desperate situation.

They were in no shape for war.

What if the crazy Gallian King suddenly attacked them? They would have been destroyed in a heartbeat.

However, this ended. In the battle of Carcassonne, King Joseph died fighting. In an instant, a new queen was crowned and the war was over.

"We fell in horror. I didn't want to become ashes, I mean, don't you want to live longer? If I had become ashes, I wouldn't have been able to pet female hips. That's something I can't live without. All of you here also feel the same way, right?"

The hall became silent. Osman, after faking a cough, continued.

"However, God did not leave us! If there's a crazy king, there must be a hero! If there's a crazy conspiracy, then there's a justice that would defeat it! These people, are the ones who destroyed the ambition of that crazy king!"

The students gulped.
Yes... The ones who helped earn this victory were none other than...

"Yes! The stupid conspiracy by that crazy king was stopped by these heroes! By the heroes whom you all know well! Let me introduce them!"

With Osman's signal, a silk curtain behind him fell. The students cheered loudly.
"These people are the ones who saved this world! The knights of Ondine and the Shrine Maidens of our Founder!"

There, there were the knights of Ondine in formal attires along with Louise and Tiffania. Amidst cheers such as "Woooooh!", "Hooray knights of Ondine!", and "Hooray Tiffania!", the boys and girls blushed out of honor and shyness.

The students at the academy were made to realize that the knights who go to the same academy as they do have done tremendous achievements in this war.

"Listen students. Though it was their first experience in battle, they've achieved quite a lot.

Destroying those strong golems on Tiger Road, the one on one on Linen River, and Joseph's unimaginable... huge fireball that used the magic of the elves, those fires that destroyed the huge fleet... it is said that it was all stopped due to their achievements!"

Cheers roared even more.
The accomplishments of the Knights, especially the vice commander Chevalier de Hiraga's, were passed down to everybody.

This was the first instance in which a single knight and his group of knights led a victory in war. Moreover, rumors say that the new queen is Tabitha, who was recently a student just like them. Although nobody knew what kind of drama occurred, the knights of Ondine must have played a part in helping Tabitha becoming the queen.

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