Sunday, May 1, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 15

Chapter 1: Carcassonne

Residing on the Southern parts of Gallia, Carcassonne is a medium sized city around 400 miles west of the capital Lutèce.

On the surface, that is.

Spanning 50 metres wide, 2 miles long, this narrow but long city was built hanging on a cliff like a bridge. If someone views it from the sky, it would almost look like a giant winding snake.

Roofs made from layers and layers of red tiles will be the snake's scales. Because of this, this city also has an alias named maroon. Containing a population of around 2000 citizens, this city has a long history.

This city has successfully prevented Aren people( 亞人) from touching it's streets for numerous times. In its streets today, a familiar and its master were frantically running.

"Stop! In the name of the Queen's official Louise Françoise I order you!"

Saito panted heavily, running for his life on the stone paved roads. The pedestrians looked at this pair of fascinating master and familiar accompanied by Romalian army with astonished expressions.

Louise, wearing clothes of the academy, launched herself and grabbed Saito's waist tightly.

"Thump!" the two fell onto the ground.

"Let, let go of me!"
"It's time I teach you a good lesson!"

Louise sat on top of him and pointed at his face, her face thoroughly red.

"I'm sick of it! You say it everyday!"

Yes. It has already been two whole weeks after the Myozunitonirun led Golomonta army have been crushed.

During this period, Louise have been blaming Saito non-stop. That is because of.... the contents from Saito's memories flowing into Louise's heart.

Unable to stand Saito's departure, Louise pleaded Tiffania to erase all her memories about Saito...

Unknown if it's the bond between a familiar and its master that's hard to break, or Louise's desire for her familiar..... anyhow Saito's memories flowed into Louise's heart when they kissed.

From Saito's perspective, the couple's memories were rebuilt, including all sorts of other stuff. It can also be said that this memory does not only consist of things that happened in reality, but also of Saito's daily fantasies.

For teens at Saito's age, his "fantasies" can only be about one thing.

"I'll let you off for now about the 'education in the toilet' a while ago. It may not be something good, but it's understandable"

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