Sunday, May 1, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 14

Chapter 1: The Flowerbed Squadron's Rebellion

The river gently flowed through the Capital of Gallia where King Joseph awaited in his palace.

From the old town center which extended from the central area, the soldiers on horses took 13 minutes to run back to the royal capital city.

The streets got cut off, out of the long, uninterrupted stone wall. They couldn’t see that it hadn’t been cut off.

On that other side of the stone wall, is where King Joseph’s family lives.

Whether or not the palace was built according to the kind of end and reading the scale would help you understand.

This much of the place was not searched and the land that makes up the large palace was elaborated everywhere around the central area.

That night, with the favor of twin moons that was hidden by the dark clouds, darkness began to engulf the source of light that shone through the eerie night. One shadowy figure could be seen in a form of a horseman, who was swaggering and dashing towards a gate surrounded by red roses which was in fact the east side of the royal palace.

It was still dark even with the light from the torches that were hung on the palace wall. With the heavy rain that fell that noon, humidity had risen up to its high point and the night mist wrapped around the knight.

As a young knight was walking, on the right side of him was a knight from the White Lily who lifted his shaded hat decorated with the White Lily emblem to show his face to the young knight and said to him in a tired voice,

“However, regarding the Furotte Bilateral fleet and the rebellion, Commander Lord Claville knows that the government isn’t loyal to the king. Now that's rebellion! Tradition falls to area, politics become corrupted, and nobility only thinks of increasing the gold coin of the warehouse, the commoners think and can increase only taking part in the share. All this leads to rebellion!”

A horseman took a deep breath and with a small voice, started singing a song that was popular back in his town.

“Staying behind is my favor from King Joseph and the Founder. We together with King Joseph will reign over the radiance of Halkeginia. Could this be done by our Founder for some reason? What is the reason for this friendly help that came from God? Oh King Joseph. The fragrance of the flower that I received disappeared somewhere. Oh King Joseph. This place that becomes our homeland, it is beautiful. What are the many reasons I’m disgusted towards the rebel’s fleet?”

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