Sunday, May 1, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 13

Chapter 1: Romalia

The Holy Empire of Romalia.

One of the oldest countries in Halkeginia…often shortened to the “Holy Empire,” was a city-state located directly south of Gallia on the Ausonia peninsula.

The land of the Romalian Empire ruled by a disciple of Founder Brimir, St. Forsythe, was only a single city-state at first. However, this esteemed “holy empire” then sought after expansion, and one-by-one annexed the other city-states around it.

During King Julio Cesar’s reign, his influence finally left the peninsula and occupied half of Gallia’s lands.

However… that king’s reign did not continue for long.

After being expelled from Gallia’s lands, the annexed regions went through a cycle of independence and re-annexation. Finally at the end of the wars, the greatest regions of the Romalian Empire had been scattered.

From then on, each region individually developed its own beliefs, especially towards that of diplomacy for Romalia. In other words, their roots became completely different. It was more similar to that of the Germanian Imperialism of Northern Halkeginia.

Inferior to the other major powers of Halkeginia, Romalia instead applied themselves as the “center of Brimir’s teachings” as their main point as an established country.

Romalia was the resting place of Founder Brimir, so it was natural for St. Forsythe to build a country to protect his grave.

The descendents utilized this historical fact as the biggest reason to turn the city of Romalia into sacred ground. This was how the holy capital was established.

As a result, Romalia became a holy city-state, where a huge temple was erected…which became the Forsythe shrine. For generations, the king was called the “Pope,” and all of his clergymen and followers stood at the top…

“…Really, every time I come to this country, the architecture and themes just jump out at me.”

Queen Henrietta of Tristain peeked out the window of her horse-drawn carriage, gazing at the streets of Romalia.

It was the month of Sol, the week of Freya and the day of Ă–sel, this world’s equivalent to May 7th.

It was around the time of the huge commotion involving Tiffania’s transfer to the Academy of Magic…

In this religious city of Romalia, priests from throughout Halkeginia “flooded the land with holy light.” These holy servants were wrapped in clothing that shimmered brightly as they walked around, while devout followers exchanged warm greetings with them…

The city was filled with rich smiles as the priests guided the religious followers of Brimir down the right path, in which the Pope passed down the teachings of being a “servant of the people as well as God’s servant…”

This idealistic view, while practiced mainly in this part of the Ausonia peninsula, was held in belief by a majority of the people of Halkeginia, who seldom ever left the city or village they were born in…

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