Sunday, May 1, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 12


Magic academy, Alviss dining hall.

In the Tristain Magic Academy, it was customary for young nobles who commuted there to eat there in the morning, at noon, and in the evening for three meals a day.

A week had passed since the day Henrietta requested Tiffania be brought from Albion.

Henceforth, it was only natural for Saito's group, just like any other day, to eat breakfast here at the table provided for the third year students.

The long dining table, if seen from the entrance, was in three separate rows. The left side was for third year students, the middle for second year students, and the right side for first year students.

"She's really popular."

Saito stopped his knife just as he was about to cut the meat. A light, ignorant voice replied,
“What? Popular?”

Immediately in front of him sat Guiche, whose eyes widened. Surrounding the two of them were assembled all the members of the Knight Corps of the Water Spirit. It was still daytime, but most of them were drunk. Saito and Guiche, whose eyes had turned red, were facing the same direction.

In that direction was the figure of a dazzling fairy with golden hair and a slender, charming body.
However, her facial expression suggested that she was quite bewildered.

It was Tiffania.
With Henrietta acting as mediator, about one month was needed to take care of admissions so Tiffania could enlist in the first year class in this school. Soon a single rumor had become wide-spread among students in this academy.

Not to mention, the result of the mixing of elf and Albion royal blood made her beautiful face more dazzling than fine art.

Of course, both of her bloodlines were concealed. The few who knew her true colors were Henrietta, Principal Osman, Saito, and Louise. Plus Tabitha, Kirche, and Guiche. Outside this circle, no one knew about her secrets.

Of the two secrets Tiffania concealed, one could be figured out just by seeing her, so in order to conceal that, she wore a hat to cover her ears.

Normally, she would be forbidden from participating in class dressed like that. But with the ostensible reason that “her body is extremely weak to the sun's rays,” Tiffania had been permitted to wear a hat indoors. “If sunlight reached her fragile skin from the window, she would be sunburned,” was the reason Henrietta, as Tiffania's guardian, came up with in front of Principal Osman, the teaching staff, and the students.

Naturally, no one would be tricked by this lie, no doubt about it.

However, even a noble girl student would retreat if confronted by the chance Tiffania's white skin were to be sunburned. Whoever saw Tiffania's white skin would also think this girl could not resist the sun's rays.

Like a flickering faint blue-ish moonlight, that flickering did not suit her unbalanced body, added with the rumors that she was some outstanding Albion noble…

With those three characteristics, an unknown fascinating aura seemed to be emanating from her.
Tiffania was surrounded by male students who had completely fallen for her.

Tiffania's body was covered by a Magic Academy uniform, but ten guys with their eye color changed were surrounding her like a group of ants crowding over a piece of candy.

“She is popular, to be more precise, highly popular.”

Guiche muttered while absentmindedly opening his mouth and gazing at Tiffania.

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