Sunday, May 1, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 11

Chapter One: Von Zerbst

Within the deep, dark woods of Germania stood Von Zerbst Castle. But even though it was called a castle, it was considerably different from the Tristanian ones.

The old stone-made building probably had a splendid history, and the repeatedly added random extensions increased its original size twofold. The architectural style was uncertain as well. The rising top looked of ancient Tristain and Gallia, the high steeples belonged to Varon’s style, while the middle wall underwent a massive transformation under Albion’s architectural influence.

Next to the delicate Romalian brick tower stood a large Germanian citadel made of massive rocks… Thus, ignoring the looks and prestige, this building was a mess. Tristain’s and Gallia’s nobles furrowed their eyebrows upon seeing such a castle, and the respective liberty and innovation of Germania, the Country of Fire, made them frown deeply.

In this castle, within a room devoted to the cheerful and warm feeling of spring, Saito was sound asleep. Because he had just taken part in a big adventure, his body felt very tired.

In his deep sleep, Saito was dreaming. It was a nostalgic dream.

A dream of his hometown. A dream of Earth…
His mother was cooking in the kitchen, and he watched her from behind.

“Mother, what are you making?”
“Your favorite - hamburger steak.”

For some reason, such a casual conversation pierced hard through his chest. His mother turned around. Her familiar face. The same gentle, calm face of his mother...

“Saito, you, why are you crying?”
Saito rubbed his eyes. They were full of tears.

“Such a strange child.”
Said the smiling face of his mother as it changed into the face of Tabitha’s mother. Surprised, Saito let out a cry.

Saito woke up from his yell.

“A dream…”

It was already the second dream of his mother. Being so far away, it was a wonder he could recall her face at all.

Saito rose from bed and looked out of the window. The sun has already gone halfway. The bed next to him, where Malicorne and Guiche should have been sleeping, was empty. No one had slept in it for some time.

Saito dressed and turned to leave the room…

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