Sunday, May 1, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 10

Chapter 1: The Ostland


Louise let out a deep sigh. She was on the deck of the Ostland. In front of her eyes, led by Guiche and Malicorne, the students of the Academy of Magic were creating a commotion.

Colbert was in the center of the circle. Previously, they heard how he had died during the attack by a group of mercenaries from the Albion army; but he was actually alive, and apparently, Kirche had secretly brought him back to Germania.

It was a mystery why Kirche did that. Louise inclined her head.

“Oh my, Louise. How is this ship my Jean made?”

Her hand went around Louise, and Kirche smiled sweetly.

Louise stared at the wings of the Ostland which were protruding from its deck. They were enormous wings, which were about three times larger than the ones of normal ships. Usually, wings which are set up in ships were wood, like the support, with a spreading sail. But this ship was different. To achieve that strength, instead of wood, tall iron masts were used. Reaching 100 mails tall, these straight iron masts could not be produced in Tristain.

In the middle of the wings, there was an engine room with huge propellers! It looked like the “steam engine” Colbert prided in. Apparently, it was something Colbert and the Zerbst family made using the “Happy Little Snake” from some time before as a model. From their outer appearance, they looked like two long, huge iron boxes with massive chimneys. With the energy from the steam which is generated from the combustion of coal and the heating of water, these huge propellers revolved- this is its mechanism.

Those two things were the product of Germanian mechanics who were excellent metallurgists.

“What a great ship.”

Louise expressed her thoughts briefly, and...

“To manufacture iron which could be of use to make such long and strong masts in Tristain is impossible! Louise, do you understand? For the sake of turning my Jean's design into reality, the fire technology of Germania is indispensable! It was a just like a fated meeting between the fire Zerbst and the Flame Serpent! In other words, the fruits of love!”

Unabashed, Kirche combed her hair back. Disgusted at Kirche who had now caught a teacher, calling him “My Jean," Louise said,

“So it's a teacher this time? You are really really someone who falls in love irrationally, huh?”

“It is my personality to be attracted to great gentlemen. I am only faithful to that.”

“Then why did you do things like lying about him dying and taking him away?”

Louise asked. At her words, Kirche displayed a somewhat lonesome look. Yet, she smiled immediately.

“There are a lot of reasons for adults. Complicated reasons.”

While waving her hand, she rushed over to Colbert.

Colbert was explaining the Ostland to the students.

“With the buoyancy acquired using these huge wings, the consumption of wind stones is minimized, and this ship should be able to travel for a long distance... uwa!”

Suddenly embraced by Kirche, Colbert let out a shout. Laughter escaped from the students. Saito was amongst the students. He was laughing quite innocently.

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