Sunday, May 1, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 09

Chapter One: Louise's Fear

When Saito woke up, Louise was lying next to him, breathing softly.

Just yesterday he was able to see the pretty face of his master again.

Louise’s face under the morning light looked divinely beautiful, and that was somewhat arousing Saito.

They separated in January… and now after one month, Louise looked even more lovely. Louise moaned in her sleep and turned over in bed, and Saito felt stifled.

Her mouth opened slightly, and a thin trail of drool escaped from the corner of her lips.

Fuah fuah, her mouth slightly opened and closed from time to time.
Gulp. Her hand shot up and lightly rubbed the tip of her nose.

In short, she was a beautiful spoiled girl.
Yet… such gestures carried all of her loveliness.

After the separation she looked even more lovely. Indeed… Saito felt admiration. This, this… was "separation" magic. Aye, even no good gestures changed into charming ones – the ultimate magic.

The Louise last night must have also felt the effects of this "separation" magic!

But I… what did I do…
Saito blamed himself for last night.

Last night, was so intimate!
Louise’s eyes were filled with such feeling!

That’s why she said to me… "I want to have the same deep kiss too", and "I’m not angry when you touch my breasts"… it was a one-time miracle!

And yet, I missed my chance yesterday.

Saito decided to confirm if it was a dream, so he asked Louise "Is this really a chest?".
I am a dog.

I am a stupid dog.
A stupid mongrel…

Saito was suffering already, in the early morning.
No, Saito.

Can’t call yourself even a ‘dog’. Drooling this way over the cute Louise – you are a mole.

Saito shook his head.
I am lower than a mole.

Look at Guiche’s mole. He’s cool. He dug a hole and saved us. Thus, I am lower than a mole… a mole cricket?

No, Saito shook his head again.
Mole-crickets are wonderful. Saito remembered reading in a book before: they… can fly, dig underground, and even swim. Ground or sea – they can conquer all.

I’m lower than a mole-cricket… lower than a bug… then…
I’m a water flea.

I saw it in the picture book, water fleas eat only various seaweeds.

That’s right… then I am a water flea… Saito thought he was suited for that name. Besides, he tactlessly blew his chance and wasted the special morning.

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