Sunday, May 1, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 07

Chapter One: The Temperature Difference between the Two

A young lady with peach-colored hair was lying horizontally on the bed, with only a thin cape wrapped around her bare skin.

She was the one whom they call "Louise of the Void," otherwise known as Louise Fran├žoise; only a few high ranking officers of the royal army knew of this secret.

It was now the end of the year, the second week in the month of Wynn. Going by Halkeginia's climate, it was the equivalent of autumn... still not considered very cold in the tent. Winter will have to wait until the coming of the new year. It's also because of this that she can dress so sexily without the fear of catching a cold.

On a simple bed, consisting of a piece of cloth draped over straw, Louise bit her small finger, and sulked indignantly. This gesture of hers has an unbelievable cuteness to it. On that porcelain doll-like face of hers surfaced a peach color, arising from discontent. Louise sat up, and hugged her knee.

This gesture of hers had a cuteness akin to a goddess'. With her feelings immediately written on her face, Louise could not completely hide the uneasiness in her heart. This unease caused some sort of dramatic change in Louise's girlish air, adding to it a layer of perfume called "sexiness". Louise's hands nonchalantly touched her long slender legs beneath her cape.

Her fingers touched her toes, and returned to her knees.

Unknowingly, Louise made a seductive move: gently tugging the cape covering her body upwards, exposing her legs and slim yet sexy thighs. All this was done unconsciously.

Beneath the cape was her skin, a young maiden's skin now full of charm, due to her passion.

Which is to say, she was wearing nothing. Why? Because Louise only wears pajamas when she sleeps; so since she forgot to bring her pajamas, she had to replace it with a cape and if she were wearing her undies, she would not be able to fall asleep.

Although the sexy and cute pose from Louise was spreading out an irresistible charm...It was a pity that the other person in the tent took no notice of it.

On the back of the cape covering Louise, was the lily emblem of Tristain. This cape was different from the one worn in the academy. The emblem, a way to distinguish friend from foe, clearly indicated that this area was a battleground.

As a female officer directly under Her Highness's command, Louise was assigned her own personal tent. In the military port of Rosais, buildings resembling hostels were rare, so tents were put at every stop. Such treatment was equal to a general's, but since Louise's legendary magic element ‘Void’ was considered to be a weapon of last resort, it was perfectly normal.

Inside the tent, illuminated by a magical lamp, was a simple bed made up of a piece of cloth covering some straw, a foldable dining table, a small cabinet for clothing and accessories and a bell for ordering the accompanying soldiers. In the battlefield, items like that inside a tent can be considered "luxurious".

In a corner of the tent, Saito was staring blankly in front of him, feeling low.

"Hey, Saito."
No reply.
Louise sat up, and called him again.
"Hey, I'm going to sleep soon. Come here, quickly."

Although Louise was red in the face as she called him, there was still no reaction.

"It's already past 10. We'll have to be up early tomorrow morning to inspect the frontlines. You'd better sleep now."

Even so, there was still no reply from Saito.

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