Sunday, May 1, 2016

Zero no Tsukaima Volume 02

Chapter One: A Secret Boat

Louise was lying on her bed. She was dreaming that she was back in her homeland, a three day ride away from the Tristain Academy, where she was born.

The young Louise in her dream was running around near the house, eventually hiding in the bushes of the labyrinth-like vegetation to hide from her pursuers.

“Louise, where are you? Come out now!” shouted her mother. In her dream, Louise was being reprimanded due to her poor results in magical studies. She was constantly being compared with her sisters, who had much better results than her.

Louise saw a pair of shoes that appeared below the bushes.

“Miss Louise really is hopeless at magic.”

“I completely agree. Why can’t she be like her two older sisters who are very good with magic?”

Louise, upon hearing those words, felt sad and dejected as she bit her lips. The servants have started looking for her in the vegetation. Louise tried her best to escape. She retreated to the place she called the “Secret Garden” – the central lake.

The Secret Garden was the only place where Louise felt at ease. It was tranquil, with no one else around. Flowers bloomed everywhere and birds gathered on the benches near the lake. And in the middle of the lake there was a small island on which a small house made of white marble rested.

Next to the island was a small boat originally used for leisure, but now derelict and forgotten. Her older sisters had grown up, and were busy studying magic. Her father, who had retired from his military duties, now spends his time mingling with the nobles nearby. Her father's only pastime was hunting wild game. Her mother's only interest was to teach her daughters and could not care less about anything else.

Therefore, besides Louise, no one ever came to the forgotten lake anymore, much less remembered that small boat. That is why whenever Louise was reprimanded, she would come to this place.

In Louise’s dream, the younger version of her jumped onto the boat and snuggled into a blanket that was prepared earlier.

As she hid inside her blanket, a noble clad in a cloak appeared from the mist-covered island. The noble was about sixteen years old. In Louise’s dream, she was only six years old, a ten year difference lay between them.

“Have you been crying, Louise?” His face could not be seen as it was covered by a large hat.

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