Saturday, May 7, 2016

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Volume 04 - Festival of fools - Dance with lost rabbit

“——So, how are your studies?”

Under a light stand made out of parchment, lit by it was an elderly woman with glasses, she was writing a document.

On the opposite side of her, on a sofa made out of natural leather was Saionji Usagi.

Usagi had blonde hair extending to her shoulders, she looked pretty tense. Her appearance resembled that of a young rabbit that strayed from its parent in winter.

In front of her was Saionji Kikyou. Wife of the current family head, in other words she was Usagi’s mother.

“Umm.. um… that’s.”
“Please don’t waste my time.”

She said that strongly, causing Usagi to tremble.
Hey eyes watered up, and her heart started to beat soundly.

Kikyou glared at Usagi, causing the wrinkles around her eyes to deepen.
Usagi desperately calmed herself down, and grabbed the hem of her skirt.

“M-my life in the academy… umm… is very… rich. Every day is… fun.”

“Also comrades! I have comrades now! I’m no longer a poor dropout, they’re all oddballs, but also interesting people. Of course I’m the best among them. If I’m not there they can’t pull it off and can’t do anything. Just before I——”


Cutting in, Kikyou stopped Usagi from talking. Usagi’s shoulders, and her entire body trembled as if she was splashed with cold water.

“Did you not understand my question?”

“I asked whether you are going to get promoted, or not, that’s the only thing I want to
know. Don’t waste my time with trivialities.”

“I-I…. I apologize.”

Usagi looked down while at a loss for words. Kikyou ignited the tobacco pipe placed in the ashtray and breathed the tobacco smoke deeply.

“Well, you tried to divert the story, but it’s impossible. With such results, there is no way you will get a promotion.”

She took the paper from the desk, and threw it towards Usagi as if discarding it.
Usagi couldn’t catch them, and they scattered all over the carpet.

These were the report cards. The results she had in AntiMagic Academy, their overall ranking was marked.

“Did you think you can trick me? I’ve heard about your results in the academy before.”
I didn’t intend to do that. She tried to say so, but her voice was stuck in her throat.

Usagi didn’t really want to divert the story, and she didn’t want to hide her performance. She just wanted to talk as family with the person who was in front of her; her mother.

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