Saturday, May 7, 2016

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Volume 09 - Heretic Alliance - Outcasts Alliance

His awakening was gentle.

The daylight peeking in from behind the cream-coloured curtains gently enticed him to wake up.

The scenery he saw with eyes he just opened was blurry. After blinking several times, his blurry vision has eventually turned clear.

Kusanagi Takeru took a deep breath, as if his breathing has stopped until now.
............this again.

Takeru let out the air he sucked in with a sigh.
He wondered, which time was it again that he woke up in a hospital-like bed.

It felt like every time he battled, he got worn out and lost consciousness.

Even if he tried to remember what happened, all he could recall was going north in a car aiming for the dissidents' base.

...if I'm not wrong... we were attacked by the pursuers from Inquisition...

He explored his vague memory and the moment he tried to recall the fight with EXE members.
—— A shiver, chill ran down his spine.

It wasn't that he remembered.
Rather, it was because when he tried to recall it, all he could see was pitch black darkness.

It was strange. Losing memory wasn't something unusual. Even more so considering he lost consciousness, it was understandable he wouldn't remember what happened just before that.
But, he had no idea how to describe it.

It was pitch black.
After being chased by the enemy on the highway, they destroyed a wall with a recoilless gun and fell off a cliff, he remembered that strangely clear.

But, he recalled only fragments of what happened afterwards, the rest of his memories weren't lost in the darkness, but the memories were darkness itself.

What's this... how...
Takeru placed a hand on his forehead and rolled over.

In the direction he rolled over to——there was Ouka.

He froze.
Right in front of him, there was Ouka's sleeping face.

Next to him, she was breathing in her sleep.

The voice she let out when he moved was very erotic. Her breath was ticklish. Takeru couldn't take his eyes off her moist lips and long eyelashes.

Takeru loudly swallowed saliva and turned in the opposite direction in silence.

He wanted to calm down a little.

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