Saturday, May 7, 2016

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Volume 05 - The King of Hundred Demons - Over dark

Every time Takeru comes to this place, he feels incredibly sad.

It's not that he didn't want to come here. He didn't mind the price he had to pay to meet her.

It's just that every time he comes to this place, he is reminded of something he would rather forget.
Of his own powerlessness.

"Kusanagi Takeru-san, right? I was waiting, do you have a visitation certificate?"
Asked by a woman, Takeru took out a card from his breast pocket.

The woman put the card in the reader and pushed two, three buttons on the keyboard.
"Confirmed. Next, list the items you—— "

She passed a paper to him. Takeru took the pen in hand and wrote with a practiced hand.

It was a procedure he went through many times already.

What awaited him after this, was a thorough belongings inspection. Body washing. Triple body scan. Washing once again. And after passing through the body analysis filter twenty times, Takeru finally could see his little sister.


After riding on the escalator, he descended lower and lower down to the bottom. He slipped through fifty layers of partitions one after another. After he passed through them, the bulkheads behind him closed, and the ones in front have opened.

It was the same as always, but he always felt like a food item carried by a belt conveyor. It felt mechanical, inorganic, the process was way too strict.

But, unless he does this, Takeru won't be able to meet with his little sister. The last thick partition wall has opened.

On the other side, five Dragoons and one Dullahan

Witch Hunter
were waiting for Takeru.

"Just on time, aren't you. Now then, we'll perform the last examination now."
Takeru raised his arms, and underwent the last body check.

The Dragoons all around firmly aimed their guns at Takeru.
After the body check was completed, the Dullahan

Witch Hunter

"Do your best not to tell the inmate about the school's structure nor the security of the Inquisition. In case any classified information is disclosed, it will be edited out from our side, however there will also be a penalty imposed on you on your future meetings, be warned."

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