Saturday, May 7, 2016

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Volume 08 - Silvery Uprising - The White Escape

A few days after Elizabeth was killed by Mistilteinn's contractor, in the European Shelter's Magical Academy there was an emergency meeting performed in the parliament building's dark room between East Side and West Side.

"All responsibility lies on the East Side! You were supposed to monitor Mistilteinn and its contractor, preventing them from escaping! How are you going to make up for that?!"

The one exploding with anger face-to-face against Mother Goose was one of West Side's executives.
There was a total of twenty West Side's executives, almost all of them glared at Mother Goose.

On the other hand, the only executives of East Side were Mother Goose and Orochi. It might be different in other shelters, but East Side in the European Shelter was weak. Moreover, after a series of turmoils East was forced into an even more dangerous position.

Mother sat down with a calm and cool expression, and Orochi threw his legs on top of the desk and picked his ears.

That attitude fuelled the West bunch's anger even further.

"We're here to do your process confidentially and with consideration, and what's with your attitude here! We gathered here despite it being a bother and we were busy...!"

When the man said so 'that's right that's right!' the other West Side's executives raised their voices as well.

Since it suddenly became noisy, Orochi hit the desk with his leg with abandon.

Not only being instructor of Double-Edged style, Orochi who had vampire cells transplanted into his body did a heel drop onto the desk and easily broke it in half.

Then he stared coldly at the mob in front of him.

"The ones who should be having a process is you... Elizabeth abused her private army and arbitrarily invaded the outside. It's you bastards who're in a poor position, ain't that right?"

" fool...!"
"In the first place, if that old hag didn't assault Mistilteinn, this wouldn't have happened."

"...there's no evidence of that yet! Don't speak as if you know that!"

"If you investigate the magical property on the Colosseum construction site you'll find out what was used immediately. The thing about Ancient Property Holders Ancient Wizardsis that if they do a crime, they'll be found out after using a single spell. Even more so if it's 『 『 Almighty』 』i , even if you search the entire world you won't find anyone with it other than Eliza."

When the bunch of executives fell silent, Orochi's mouth arced.

"Even if you're in a rush to hide it, it's futile. We have already harvested soil samples in the epicentre. When the test results come, there'll be no way for you to win."

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