Saturday, May 7, 2016

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Volume 11 - The Witch Hunt War (Second Part) - The 2nd Witch-Hunt War

"Hey, Kanata-san〜. Did you ever think 'this kind of world should just be destroyed'〜?"

Under the tree on the courtyard, while looking up at the cracked-up sky, Hoshijiro Nagaru muttered absent-mindedly to Oonogi Kanata who came up to her from behind.

Kanata was no longer surprised that her approach was noticed.

"Many times. When I was asked for unreasonable things by my boss, when I was scolded by my boss, when I was told to do overtime service, at times like that I wish everyone would just die."

"That's just like you, Kanata-san〜. Captain Kurogane was a really strict person wasn't he〜."

"Yeah, he really was, just how many times I muttered in my heart that he should die."

"Ufufu. But you see, that's an evidence you were trusted〜."

Told that she was being trusted, "I wonder about that..." Kanata responded and stared at Nagaru's small back.

Ever since they met, Oonogi Kanata learned just how mysterious this girl was.

When she was still a rookie Banshee, she followed the Red Butterfly Insect Cage, and when she started examining Mineshiro Kazuma's footsteps, Kanata met Nagaru.

Back then Nagaru told Kanata "If you step any further into this, someone will go after your life, so how about we cooperate for the time being?".

Since then, it could be said that the relationship between Kanata and Nagaru began. After Mineshiro Kazuma's death, Kanata didn't know how did Nagaru become the Heretic Alliance's leader and what
happened afterwards.

She didn't understand Hoshijiro Nagaru's identity too well in the first place.

The person herself had said that she had an elder sister with Overflow Complex who was used as an important sample for Inquisition's experiments and that she lost her life that way. Without a doubt there was a girl who had the same, Hoshijiro surname. Nagaru's sister was listed in the family register and the documents said that Nagaru was a daughter of Hoshijiro household.

It was a lie. There was nothing but her biography in the documents.

Hoshijiro's house was indeed built, but the inside was empty and felt like paper mache.

In fact, this girl's background was nothing but lies.
Birthplace, age, everything was a lie.

Most likely, the only people who know anything about her are the early members of Heretic Alliance.

"...Hoshijiro-san, did you ever thought that it would be better if the world just perished?"

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