Saturday, May 7, 2016

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Volume 07 - The Counter-Attacking Crimson Lotus - Revenge to Madness

Four days after Takeru was transferred to the inside world.

In the outside world the Inquisition's interrogative committee had been held.

In the courtroom only the defendant's seat has been lit up, the judge executives' faces were shrouded in darkness and not visible.

The Inquisition's executives seats were installed in high positions and surrounded the defendant's seat, the accused was standing with handcuffs on her hands.

The accused, was Ootori Ouka.
She was charged with jailbreak and obstructing Inquisitors as well as assisting fugitives.

"Then, during the uproar you have acted arbitrarily by yourself?"

As one of the executives asked Ouka, she stretched her back muscles.

"Yes. The one who proposed the jailbreak was me. The captain was in opposition to it, but it could be said that I have forced it through. Other 35th Test Platoon members have only acted in accordance to my orders."

"I am the main culprit... is what you're saying."
"Yes. All the responsibility lies on me, that is what I mean."

As Ouka stated that clearly, one of the executives has laughed appalled.

"Don't be stupid. The captain is Kusanagi Takeru. You have no authority to give such an order. In the first place, your subordinates wouldn't follow it."

"As you might know, the 35th Test Platoon has grown a great deal after I have enlisted in it. It's a shame to say so while being one of his comrades, but Kusanagi Takeru cannot be called a good student even as flattery. It could be said that the subordinates trust me more."

Ouka spoke undaunted even in front of the executives.
"That's some rebellious behaviour towards your Captain."

"Test Platoon members are students. There is no ranks, and the hierarchy is only a formality, disobedience is not a crime."

In response to her attitude, one of the executives sigh echoed.

"Watch what you say. You won't get off with just imprisonment. Normally, you should have been sentenced to death you know?"

"I am aware. Do not worry, I intend to accept any sentence given to me."

"...I know that you are trying to take all the sins upon yourself. We won't tell you, a minor, to compensate with your death. However, there is something like joint responsibility——"

"You will not kill me because I am the Chairman's daughter."

As she spoke rudely, a commotion broke out among the executives. Ouka didn't withdraw. A real interrogation wasn't this relaxed. She realized it was just a farce long ago. After all, the executives are mere puppets. A while ago there were people from the so-called dissident group as well as the Ethics Committee in here.

However, they have been picked out during the unrest that happened over the past few months.

Right now in here, there were only henchmen of the Chairman, Ootori Sougetsu.

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