Saturday, May 7, 2016

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Volume 02 - Witch's struggle - Scramble for the hope

"——I won't forgive you...!"

Nikaido Mari's patience was growing thinner, and snapping she stepped forward with murderous intent.

It was inside a decayed run down house on the outskirts after the battle with witch-hunters during which it turned out that the clergyman was lying.

There was a carefree young man with a book in his hand under the stand glass.

Necromancer Haunted.  The Illusory Cult's V a l h a l l a ’ s leader. In addition to being a necromancer, he was an alchemist and a summoner. A former priest of the church, a sorcerer designated with an S-Rank risk.

"Can't forgive what? Mari-san."
Seeing his eerie smile, Mari's hair ruffled in rage.

Magic flowed from Mari's body which shook candlesticks and chairs around.
"You didn't keep your word... you lied to me about not involving the public, that was one of the conditions for obtaining my cooperation."

Haunted closed his book and started walking towards Mari with his hands folded behind him.
With eerie steps, chilly like a ghost, he got closer to her.

"I didn't lie. In this world, there are no innocent bystanders."
Speaking out his ridiculous theory, Haunted made a cheerful smile.

"Also, it would be boring without a big audience right? It was Hero summoning right? A great man's summon? Even though I invited a guest from the country of Hades, for the audience to be only the Inquisition would be too bland. From what I think, I should be praised a lot instead?

Something sounding that sweet won't be forgotten too fast."
Haunted's body trembled with delight.

While his body was convulsing, while breathing out hot air he remembered the time when the Hero terrorized the town and the screams of the people.

On Haunted's cheek ran down a tear.

"...I can't stop remembering it. That manifestation of emotion. That's humanity. You should also think that that shine in their eyes right before their death is amazing, the crowds are fun but the wonderful hour of death! Anyway——"

Haunted cried out in ecstasy, his figure was worth being called a madman's.
Mari's eyes were dyed in crimson colour, her magical power exploded.

Candlesticks and chairs flew around, phosphor ran along the walls instantly.
"I wanted to see that look of yours! Aah, I saw something really good!

That expression fits you well!"
Before the squirming man, Mari closed her eyes and made her decision.

Believing in this man was a mistake in the first place.
This guy shouldn't live any longer. Everything about him was evil.

She arrived at a single conclusion.
Annihilation. Giving him an ultimate end where not even a single cell remains.

"——Don't fuck around with me!"
Suddenly, a magical square appeared in the vicinity of Mari.

The colour of Mari's magic was difficult to describe, if one had to say it, it would be like seven colours flowing at once.

Just like an illusion reflected in the north sky.
While seeing an image of the slaughter, she preparing a formula inside her brain, magic overflows from her body.

In that moment,
Mari fired a beam about two meters thick, attacking Haunted.

The pillar of light like the sun breaking through the clouds in the sky swallowed Haunted.
The church was filled with that pillar of light, which escaped towards the sky.

Mari put a hand on her knee, breathing roughly.

She cursed, after confirming with her eyes that her attack had failed.
The church was partially destroyed and clouds of dust rose up, but standing in the moonlight was Haunted, who was perfectly fine.

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