Saturday, May 7, 2016

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Volume 01 - Hero summoning - Eienherjar wakes


Kusanagi Takeru who had just become a second year middle school student at the Antimagic Academy, currently was freezing on the first day of school.

Students thought they were just going to be lectured, but instead they were given Assault Rifles and ordered thus——

"Now then, everyone~, start killing each other!"

...Or so were we told, though it was just a game since we can't really kill each other with paint bullets. Our first lesson became a death match between fellow classmates, a twenty vs. twenty format. At the beginning there were forty of us. So it appeared it was going to become a long battle, instead, it ended just 30 minutes later.


Kusanagi was lying on his back, facing the sky, feeling the cold muzzle pressed against his forehead, while feeling consternation. Immediately after the start, instead of using the rifle stool that was available, Takeru faced the death match with a bayonet made of resin attached, causing his
classmates to give him curious looks.

Nevertheless, sword was the only weapon for Takeru, his only talent lay in swordsmanship. Unlike other students, who are not used to combat, he has been taught from an early age how to take advantage of darkness with a sword in his hand, he had complete confidence.

I will not lose, I will defeat you all, and have world acknowledge greatness of swordsmanship!
In fact, Takeru hasn't lost a single time until now.

I won't lose to anyone! Be it guns or magic, I'll cut through all of it!
He started brimming with confidence,

You're last...... you may be a girl, but I will not show any mercy!!
Completely confident he won't lose to anyone with bayonet in his hand.

"I... Lost...?"

Gazing upwards, he could not believe what he has seen. A scene which makes anyone suspicious, sunset colored hair shining brightly, and cobalt-colored pupils, as if she was an embodiment of mythical battle maiden, she looked down on Takeru.

His defeat has blown away all the motivation he had after enrolling the school.

Strength and beauty which cannot be described by words. The girl looked down at Takeru and pointed her gun at him.

"It's my victory"

That was the instant his dream, "Becoming the Inquisition Boards top, and changing the world" was so easily, shattered.
That happened during his middle school days, Two years ago.

The [Witch Hunt War], when that fierce war between the witches and humanity had ended, the population went down to one-tenth of the original.

Humans took 150 years to rebuild society, world has rapidly developed thanks to science and technology, such things like internet and mobile phones are symbols of economic growth.

Witches are being regulated, so the fantastical creatures are nearly extinct, now only a few people can use magic in this era. The title of number one changed from swords to magic once, and now it changed from magic to guns again.

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