Sunday, May 22, 2016

Silver Cross and Draculea Volume 5

Rushella had disappeared.

Expressing this simple fact of reality did not require particular mincing of words, but it took Hisui a lot of time to accept it.

On the holiday after the sports festival, it was already midday by the time Hisui woke up.
The bloody mornings--where Rushella bit his neck to drink blood--were now a thing of the past.

Replacing them was something no different from what ordinary people experienced... Continuous sleep until waking up naturally.

Despite feeling something was amiss, Hisui still went to wash his face, get a drink of water and got to work making breakfast for two as habit dictated.

"Hey, are you still sleeping?"
Rushella could not possibly have gone out on her own.

Essentially, she always went out with Hisui. Even if Hisui was sleeping, she would rouse him from bed.

Hence, if Rushella could not be found, she was most likely in her bedroom...
Miraluka's former bedroom.

Hisui expected her to have the door and windows shut tightly, in full vampire style, having sweet dreams in the darkness.

No one was there.

Rushella was not in the room. The bed also had no signs of being slept in.
The bedding was neat and tidy without the slight trace of lingering body warmth.

So be it if these were the only things amiss.
However, the problem was that all of Rushella's personal belongings were completely gone.

Her usual coffin was gone.
Naturally, it was not something to carry around just to go out.

Only then did Hisui realize.
Rushella... had disappeared.

"What's with that girl..."
Anxiety in his heart was unavoidable, but Hisui carried some measure of optimism.

Surely she had simply run off somewhere again.
Coffin, well... Maybe she took it out for some kind of special reason.

"Just in case..."
Hisui decided to first text and ask Mei, Eruru, Kirika--basically every girl who might be with her or might know Rushella's whereabouts.

Luckily, Rushella's circle of friends was very small, so those girls were the only ones she could go trouble.

Hisui did not think he had done anything to anger her. Hence, the girls should be bringing good news soon--That was what Hisui expected.

"I dunno. What, did you get into another fight!? Then take this opportunity to have babies with me, how's about that❤"

"No idea. As the custodian, please keep clear tabs on her comings and goings."

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