Sunday, May 22, 2016

Silver Cross and Draculea Volume 3

"So, just as I suggested previously, in order to prepare for the upcoming summer holidays, I'd like to decide on the club's activities right now. Very well, please offer your suggestions, everyone!"

The club without the school's official recognition—The Supernatural Investigations Club. Today's club activities started officially with the president's declaration.

Gathered in the empty classroom, the club members indulged freely in their own activities as usual.

Example 1—Sudou Mei.

The girl who prioritized beauty was working on her hair, looking for split ends, casually browsing through a fashion magazine.

Example 2—Kariya Eruru.

Typing away on her notebook computer, her characteristic posture remained completely the same as always. The expression hanging on her face seemed especially solemn today.

Then there were examples 3 and 4—Kujou Hisui and the newest club member.

Unlike the other rest, these two were working together with great focus, stapling sheets of printouts together stack after stack.

"With this, we're almost done, right? Senpai."
"Yes. This completes the materials required for the class committee meeting tomorrow."

Tying the stapled materials in a bundle, Seidou High School's student council vice-president—Uno Kirika nodded with satisfaction.

A regular monthly meeting for all class reps and deputy reps was being held tomorrow.
The meeting was chaired by the student council who also prepared the information materials.

This was supposed to be work performed by the student council members under the leadership of the student council president at their base of operations—the student council office. However, lately the work had been carried out in this empty classroom, with Hisui as an assistant even.

"...Hey, what are you all doing!? Especially you, Hisui! Why are you working for that witch!? When the time comes, be careful or you'll be sent to cook poisonous stews with snakes, lizards in auldrons!?"

"What? You're talking about that type of sticky job? How could that still exist in this day and age? Am I right, Senpai?"

Hisui found Rushella's words completely ludicrous and sought agreement from Kirika. However, the student council vice-president sighed deeply without returning his gaze.

"That kind of physical labor is rather tiring."
Apparently, some things never changed even as times progress.

Perhaps one day she might even move a giant cauldron to the club classroom to hold a Black Mass.

"Witches"—inheritors of rituals passed down from ancient times.

Witches were virtually extinct in modern society. However, one of their few descendants resided in this Seidou High School.

More accurately, that particular person was beside Hisui right now.

Having gone through plenty of misunderstandings and suspicions, even becoming enemies with Hisui's group at one point, Kirika finally became a regular visitor to this "club activities classroom" after the incident a few days ago. And for some reason, she decided to make the spot beside Hisui her permanent seat.

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