Sunday, May 22, 2016

Silver Cross and Draculea Volume 2

"The club is in danger of being disbanded...!"

Her dignified and beautiful face contorted with sorrow, Rushella Dahm Draculea declared to the members of the club before her.

Currently after school, the location was an empty classroom in a corner of the school building -- in other words, the club activities room.

Standing before the blackboard was the self-styled "club president" Rushella who had founded the club several weeks earlier.

Nevertheless, in all this time since the club was established, neither the club's name nor its activities had yet to be finalized.

"...All this is because you guys are negligent! Especially you!"
"Eh, me!?"

Kujou Hisui had been reading manga with his back to Rushella. Hearing himself singled out, he turned around unwillingly.

"Why are you blaming me... I didn't do anything!"

"That's exactly the problem; you're not doing anything! Furthermore, you even ignored all my suggestions... Such as giving the club a more friendly name of '○○○ Club,' or giving everyone different armbands based on their individual responsibilities, or entering the 'Inter School Writing
Competition,' or setting the 'National University' as the goal, or 'welcoming midsummer,' or agreeing to a decisive match with the 'rival' during the finals in the tournament but losing to an underhanded enemy in the semifinals, or having a 'teammate' dying in a traffic accident, or 'unbelievable, for such a handsome character to be killed off'...!?" [1]

"Your suggestions are so ridiculous that I give up on retorting! Come on, the items in the second half of your list hardly count as suggestions!?"

"...By the way, isn't she learning about rather obscure things?"

Leaning against Hisui and trying to make conversation was another member of the club -- Sudou Mei.

Like Hisui, she had ignored Rushella's various suggestions and spent her days in the club classroom lazily.

"...It's probably because of her strong curiosity. In order to fill the gaps in her memory, she's been investigating all sorts of things... Unfortunately, she's not good with kanji even though she seems quite fluent with foreign books. Plus the fact she doesn't seem to like serious books, this has resulted in her being brainwashed by anime, manga, variety shows and the like..."

"...Based on the outcome, did she found the club under the influence of those things?"

"Hey, you guys over there, whispering is not allowed! Also, you are not allowed to wrap yourself around my servant's arm without my permission!"

Rushella swiftly pointed over with her finger, but Mei nonchalantly hugged Hisui tighter, bringing her lips near Hisui's little earlobe that was as cute as a girl's.

"Oh my, why does everything need your approval? Besides, when did he become your servant?"
"I bit him, so he's mine! And before coming to school today, we already shared a kiss!"

"Don't forget to add the words "Vampire's" before the word kiss. Please don't say things that could cause misunderstandings, especially in front of classmates."

Recalling the pain from this morning, Hisui instinctively reached out to the left side of his neck -- where traces of the "kiss" remained.

Normally, the only trace a kiss could leave behind... Would be a kiss mark at most.
...However, Rushella's kisses were not the harmless type.

Those were fang marks carved upon the skin by snow-white canines that one could glimpse behind those bright crimson lips of hers.

Not only that... but she also sucked blood.
Correct -- even though it was unbelievable, the girl before his eyes was a true authentic vampire.

No matter how well the high school uniform fitted her, or how well her behavior conformed to modern society -- she was still an inhuman supernatural creature.

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