Monday, May 16, 2016

Sekai No Owari No Encore

Sword Emperor Elline

He halted the “End War” that nearly annihilated the world.

The strongest swordsman in history and the only one in history to be given the title of the “Brave Hero.”

“—We will award the title and honour of becoming the second “Brave Hero” in history to the one that finds the Encore.”

From the Chairman of the World Alliance Conference

Prologue: The Sealed Girl

The land at the end of the world.
There is nothing but wasteland as far as the eyes can see.

There isn't a trace of life and there isn't even a single blade of grass on the dried soil.

Even within the vast land of uninhabited deserts, you might find a few signs of life and a few blades of grass growing, if you looked for them. If you were to search for it, you could even find an oasis.

Then, what about this land?

The sky was covered with dim clouds and the land had no signs of life. Simply a vast wasteland littered with gravel. Except for one person—

Except for a naked girl whose flowing silver hair shone like pearls.

She was a mysterious girl.

Her silver hair that naturally glowed even within the cloudy weather that turned day into night. And her emerald green eyes that had a deeper, yet clearer colour than any deep ocean.

That also included her gorgeous naked body.

The surface of her skin was clean like that of a new born baby. Her white skin was almost transparent. Her gorgeous body came with slim arms and legs. She also had curves befitting her age.

Her appearance was that of a fifteen or sixteen year-old girl.
However, her body is nothing next to the overwhelmingly prideful and divine impression she exudes.

“Where is this place……?”
The girl used her hand to stop her side hair from being blown away by the wind.

The clouds that covered the sky.
The cold earth that she could feel at her feet. And the endless grey horizon.

The girl looked around her mindlessly, and then—
“……Ah choo!”

—sneezed adorably.“It’s cold! My legs are freezing, and the wind is cold! More importantly, what’s going on here? Why am I standing here naked? ……No wait, I need to calm myself and try to remember.”

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