Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rokka no Yuusha Volume 04


He couldn’t move his arms.

He couldn’t move his legs, either. He couldn't speak, nor could he lift up his body. His eyelids, his brow, his mouth, his tongue, his shoulders, his chest, his upper body—he couldn't move any of them.

At the moment, his body was lying atop the cold earth. His mouth was gaping wide, and his arms and legs were thrown haphazardly to the sides as he stared up at the dark ceiling. A drop of liquid fell from the ceiling and hit him on the tip of his nose. But his face didn't wince; it didn't even twitch.

However, he was alive.


He was in a corner of the expansive mountainous zone located in the northern area of the center of the Wailing Demon Territory. It was where one of the Majin's tentacles had hit the Saint of the Single Flower in the stomach a long time ago, after which she had stopped breathing and collapsed. And from then on, the land had been called the Fainting Mountains.

A northern wind blew from the ocean, turning the air frigid. And due to the Majin's toxins, all of the land had been dyed dark red.

Among the sea of trees at the base of the mountain was an enormous cave. And he was lying within.

If an ordinary person had seen his body, they would probably have wanted to look away automatically.

His skin was extremely dry and ashen. A part of his flesh was peeling off disgustingly, showing the flesh and fat beneath his skin. His flesh was rotting and turning a darkish color.

His dirty hair was unkempt and growing wildly. His crude clothing was dried out, like an old rag.

But an ordinary person's eyes would have been drawn to the back of his neck. There was a giant insect clinging to his flesh. It was a parasite about the size of a dagger, with a rough, bony body and the wings of a mayfly, and it had its tentacles and legs buried deep into his body.

Left in that way, it seemed like he was nothing more than a corpse.

However, he was alive.

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