Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rokka no Yuusha Volume 03


Mud and a flower. Other than those there was nothing else.

In the land of Fallen Tears, where The Saint of the Single Flower  had fought the Majin to the death, nothing else existed other than mud and a flower.


At the western edge of the Wailing Demon Territory, in the land of the Fallen Tears, a giant fort surrounded where the Majin slept. It was a stronghold that had been designed according to the instructions of Cargikk, one of the Kyoma commanders. It was made up of natural stones piled upon one another and formed two concentric circles. The outer circle had a radius of three kilometers while the inner circle had a radius of 500 meters. Although it had been crudely constructed, it was a stronghold larger and stronger than anything found in the human world.

The area called the Land of the Fallen Tears was the small inner zone surrounded by the defensive wall. It was completely dark red due to the toxins from the Majin's body having permeated deep within the ground, thus dyeing the area that color. There was not a single weed, animal, or insect in the area. There were only sparse boulders scattered about the lifeless land. It was a barren spectacle.

The only things present there were mud and a flower.


A hideous mass of mud lay among the dead land. Its size was probably about that of a stable. It made an eerie sound as if squirming in agony, and it was charcoal black in color, with a bit of blood‐red mixed in. What looked like red tentacles stretched out from the center of the mud. They were about five meters in length and seemed to be extending out in search of something. But then they returned
to the mud as if they had given up.


There were giant lips in the center of the mud. They appeared, then disappeared, then appeared once more. They were the seductive red of a woman's lips. And they were speaking with a husky female voice.

As it wriggled, the mud called out the names of the Heroes with a voice full of hatred and murderous intent coursing through its words.


The Majin. The worst calamity to befall mankind and the progenitor of the Kyoma.

Once every several minutes a strange creature was produced from the mud. They were about the size of kittens, but none of them had the same appearance.

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