Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rokka no Yuusha Volume 01

The Forest of Certain Death

According to legend, at the time when the demon awakes from the depths of darkness, a time when the world would transform to hell, the goddess of fate would choose six heroes and bestow them with the power to save the world.

The following tale is the story of the heroes fated to bear the task of saving the world.

However, in telling their story there is one important point to remember: Only six people would be chosen to save the world. Not five, not seven. Only six.

A boy ran through a forest shrouded in a deep fog. He was a young swordsman with long red hair flowing behind him as he moved. Above his hempen clothing he wore light leather armor and an iron forehead protector. The sword in his right hand, though somewhat small, was sturdily made.

But one aspect of his attire that was particularly noticeable were the four thick leather belts wrapped around his waist and all the countless small pouches fastened to them.


The boy had been injured. His hempen clothes were ripped all over, exposing sharp cuts on his skin. His leather armor was scorched and both of his hands had burn marks. In addition, blood spilled down his body and stained his shoes a deep red. They were wounds that would have taken out an ordinary man.

The boy's name was Adlet Maia and he was 18 years old.

Adlet looked back over his shoulder while he ran. The fog and the thick leaves obstructed the light and made the center of the forest dark. But looking towards the thick dark fog he could see the faint silhouette of a human.

It had been following Adlet. In fact it closed the distance to within thirty meters of him.

This is bad. The moment he thought that, a voice echoed through the forest.

"There!" the shout came from a woman, her voice like a soft, high-pitched baby bird.

At the same time as he heard her speak a blade sprung out from under Adlet's feet. Though it was about three meters of white steel it suddenly sprouted out from the plain ground. The tip was aimed precisely at his heart.

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