Saturday, May 14, 2016

Only Sense Online Volume 4

Prologue - Crafting Guild and Insect Repelling Incense

"——And so, I've managed to obtain some petals of the Wisteria Peach tree."

"What's that 'wisteria' tree you're talking about?"

"Didn't you hear from Miu-chan before? That they have passed through the Horror Cave and reached the Wisteria Peach tree."

I had no idea. I shook my head.

"There's just a single Wisteria Peach tree growing on a hill, it's always in full bloom and has pink petals."

"Hee〜. Sounds perfect for flower viewing."

Drinking a cup of sake in the moonlight night. Could be nice. Oops, if I think that I'll start thinking about cooking, and so I have discarded those thoughts.

"Ahh, that's impossible. Mobs in there spawn really fast so there's no opportunity for flower viewing. If anything, rather than a rain of petals, I'm guessing rain of blood would be more likely?"

"That's not something I want to hear during a meal."

A lunch break in school. Among a great number of students eating their lunch we were no exception and ate our lunches while having a disturbing conversation.

"After wiping out the spawning mobs, everyone gets a single petal of the Wisteria Peach tree."
"Is it some kind of quest item?"

"No, it's an inferior resurrection item that resurrects you at just 1 HP. By the way, Shun. As usual, your boxed lunch really is nutritiously balanced isn't it."

"Don't change the topic. But, you know what's going to happen if I leave lunch to Miu, don't you."
"Ah, well, we're the same after all. I can't really talk about others like this..."

My best friend Takumi who was right in front of me stared at my boxed lunch enviously and hurriedly ate the bread he bought, then washed it all down with juice.

I scowled at that poor nutritional balance, as Takumi's childhood friend, I knew why he would buy such a thing.

"Good grief, I wonder, where do you find time to play other games despite playing OSO."
"I have to squeeze out some time for that."

Squeeze out, you... I spat a tired sigh. That's right, Takumi saves up money from his lunch to buy games he wants to play.

On top of that, he continues to play a VRMMO, he's a really broken gamer.

Also, my little sister Miu is a broken gamer as well. If she were to be given money for lunch, the fact that it would turn out the same way could be easily understood by watching this childhood friend of mine. That's why, I make lunch boxes for two people every morning.

"You talk about others, but I know that you're doing quite well yourself."
"...what's that about?"

"I've heard from Miu-chan, but it seems like you're always logged in whenever you have some free time."

Takumi turned towards me smiling broadly.

As we faced each other, a shadow has appeared between us and a girl's voice has called out from over our heads.

"Let's see. Having free time would suggest you finished what you had to do. Takumi-kun."

When I looked up towards the source of the voice, I saw a female student stand there.
"Geh, Endo."

"If Endo-san has come, it means the due date has come again huh."

Her long hair was braided into a single plait that was hung over her shoulder, and there were strong-looking eyes behind her lower-rim glasses. Her expression was soft, but she left a strong impression and had a straightforward, serious personality. The girl was Endo-san from class committee.

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