Saturday, May 14, 2016

Only Sense Online Volume 3

Prologue – The Mine and EX-Skill

"With this, it's finally 100 huh..."

It was the dim entrance of a mine; for the past few days I'd repeatedly come to this mine, searched for a bit and went back.

"If I progressed deeper, I'd find more mining points, but since there's no deadline on this quest it doesn't matter. I don't need to hurry with collecting them."

What I was undergoing now, was a Sense-based quest for 【Smithing】 and 【Craftsmanship】. Previously, my 【Craftsmanship】 level hadn't reached the required level and I wasn't able to receive the quest, but after satisfying the conditions it was possible for me to undertake it, as I am now.

"Even so, the accomplishment criteria of this quest——to gather 100 pieces of ore in the mine eh."

At the entrance of the Mine dungeon near the third town it could be mined safely, as there were almost no mobs placed there.

Among the items mined, there weren't only ore-type ones, but also large quantities of materials such as Stones or Soil which I brought back instead of discarding.

And that monotonous work ends today. I went back to the third town while carrying a pickaxe I had borrowed for the quest. My destination was the tavern in which I had received the quest order from. There I spoke to the quest-giver NPC.

"I've collected them all. 47 pieces of Copper Ore, 31 pieces of Iron Ore, and 22 pieces of other ores."

"Hmm. Then I'll acknowledge you as a full-fledged miner."
"Fuhh, the quest's finally complete..."

Although it wasn't long, I finished a tedious quest, then I recalled the time I received it.
"Hmph, the obstinate one's back again."

"Yeah, this time I've properly raised my level."
"Then try hitting me. If I take even a step back, I'll acknowledge you."

The male NPC quest-giver spoke a fixed statement initiating the quest.

This man was the NPC who chased me out when I came to this tavern for the first time. He said various things to me, like 'you're not strong enough' or 'as if you could do smithing with such thin arms!' and like that I was forced out while being unreasonably scolded, but I was able to receive the quest like this eventually.

And after the exchange of words for undertaking the quest, I hit the NPC's belly. And something like this happened.

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