Saturday, May 14, 2016

Only Sense Online Volume 2

Prologue – Shop and Lack of Customers

A single-floored brand new wooden building with no traces of sunburn had simple d├ęcor, and its entrance was made out of cobblestones.

The inside of the building was like that of a common private house from fantastical settings. I looked at the light entering from the wide-opened entrance.

“…no one’s coming…”

Haa, I spat out a tired sigh. There weren’t many customers who would come over to 【Atelier】.

Feeling a bit sulky, I pressed my cheek to the counter, the cold feeling was very pleasant.

After a while, as I continued to wait without any motivation suddenly the light has been blocked.

I reflexively got up.

“Welcome. ——Ah, Kyouko-san eh.”
The one standing in the store’s entrance was Kyouko-san the clerk NPC.

“Yes, I’m back. So, what were you doing?”
“I was waiting for customers, but it doesn’t seem like anyone is coming.”

“Even if people aren’t coming, this shop’s flourishing, isn’t it.”
“Well, I guess.”

Certainly, this shop was freshly built and wasn’t well-known, normally people didn’t come, but people who knew about this shop’s existence from the consignment shops might. I waited patiently.

After saying that with a charming smile, Kyouko-san started reporting like a secretary.

“With that said——Magi-san and Cloude-san gave us a good price for Enchant Stones to sell in consignment.”

“That’s great. Did we reach the target amount of money with those?”
“Yes, we have enough.”

With the amount of money I’ve had on hand, even after deducting necessary expanses I could expand the store and buy equipment for Dosing. However, my spending money would completely vanish.

The place I was in right now was a shop inside of OSO which mainly specialized at dealing with consumables.

This shop was in possession of my game character – Yun; I was the shopkeeper.

There were special circumstances behind my 【Atelier】’s establishment. I skipped the ‘selling steadily at stalls’ step and instead I earned money by selling things in consignment with other shops. And because I wanted to continue my consignment with those shops, a problem has arisen, people wouldn’t come to my shop.

“It’s lonely without anyone coming.”

“Then you should go outside to earn money and replenish the stock of potions. I’ll stay here instead of Yun-san.”

With a charming smile on her face Kyouko-san made a sensible proposal, well, that’s true.

Convinced, I took out my equipment to check it.

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