Saturday, May 14, 2016

Only Sense Online Volume 1

Prologue – A Tester and a Beginner.

In a forest; we could hear the sounds of multiple footsteps crumpling the leaves. The sounds were approaching us.

“Onee-chan, support please!”

“Understood. 《Enchant》——Attack, Speed.”

We had noticed them immediately. In order to prepare for battle we reinforced our stats and waited for the enemy to approach us.

What appeared soon after were three monkeys covered with dark brown fur and malformed arms with ——a pack of Mash Apes. Their arms were long and delicate, but the monkeys fist were hard as stone. Their pupils didn’t show any intellect, they were displaying their sharp fangs with frenzied expressions, and the monkeys released strange squeaks as they raised their arms up high.

After the first one leaped at us to attack, the other two followed up in the same manner.

“I’ll take on two of them! Stall the third one and buy some time!”
“Got it!”

In response to the instruction, I pulled out my weapon – a bow, aimed at the monkey in the back and released an arrow.

The released arrow hit beyond the hardened part of its arm and pierced deep into its shoulder. As the arrow struck, the monkey released a painful squeal and pulled away. While maintaining distance between me and the attacking monkey I continued to shoot arrows at a regular interval, making sure its attention was focused on me.

The two remaining monkeys that were left to my female partner pounced and whipped at her with their long forearms. She was calm and prepared for the prey, parrying with a slash of the long sword in her hand. A sideways glance confirmed her safety and I judged that she could take on two monkeys simultaneously without any problems. As always, I admired the skill of the girl who at all times positioned herself in my field of view.

“Haa——《Fifth Breaker》!”

The monkeys were lured in, and the moment they entered attack range of the girl the Art was released.

As the beasts received continuous sword attacks, their HP displayed above their heads continued to decrease until they completely disappeared.

Every time I saw that I was impressed by the sharp slashes, and this time I even forgot I was still fighting against the remaining monkey.

Although I managed to avoid the monkey’s hammer-like arm, it grazed my body and after staggering from the impact, I fell on my bottom.

As I looked up at the monkey from the floor, it seemed like it was bigger than me. Once again it raised its hardened arms above its head, getting ready to swing them down any moment. Seeing that, I closed my eyes tightly and curled up. But the shock from the attack didn’t come.

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