Wednesday, May 4, 2016

No Game No Life Volume 6

It Seems the Gamer Couple Challenged the World

––– In my childhood, I had thought that the world was a very simple existence.

Every competition could be won by some means, and just putting in effort would reap its own rewards. Everything was possible.

This was the ignorant and stupid thinking of a child.
Looking at the world with such pure and innocent eyes… is this wrong?

…… Of course it is wrong……

In a narrow room illuminated by a dim light, a boy was holding a chess piece.
Only that boy was in the room.

But the boy was looking towards the depths of the darkness, seriously thinking if there was some person there.

–––– What a game… From my final analysis, this is just some prank that some kids pulled here.

The boy was alone in the room. While imagining the strongest absolute move, he placed the piece on the chessboard.

His way of thinking was as fixed as that of an infant who had just became sentient.
The outside of the room was filled with horror and anxiety… Desperation was generated from the uncertainty of tomorrow, which also made the nights even colder.

Only inside the room was it like a different world. Contrary to the norm, the gloomy room had a strange temperature.

The boy was holding onto the piece while deep in thought.

––– Once anyone becomes an adult, he will naturally alienate himself from games.
Why is that so? Did they become obsolete?

Or is it that the world is so simple that it’ll never have games?

Whatever the reason, once anyone becomes an adult, he will naturally alienate himself from games.
But the boy never considered such a thing before.

He put the pieces back on the board again only after careful consideration.

––– Alone by himself, he was a kid who was endlessly playing games.

Even if the people around him were to stare at him with strange eyes as he grew up, the boy continued to play.

This was because the boy did not understand the meaning behind those strange eyes.

And also because [his opponent] would appear in the dark as long as he closed his eyes.

[He] was almost the same age as the boy, and wore similar clothes… a fearless smile floated on his face.

––– ‘[He] is very strong’ was what the boy thought.

[He] was always better than the boy in the next move, and then the outcome would always be determined ––– as a definite loss.

The boy had expected this as a matter of course. It looked as if he had never won a single time from the start.

This ––– battling against [him] ––– made the boy incomparably happy.

The people in his surroundings would see that the boy was always by himself, but in the boy’s eyes, there were actually two people, and nothing more.

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