Wednesday, May 4, 2016

No Game No Life Volume 5

It Appears the Gamer Siblings Hate New Game

“Over 7 billion players online now! Moving towards a future of infinite possibilities – Create a story that is truly your own!”

… Reality.

From a broader perspective, our precious lives are but a game.
Just hearing that attractive slogan makes us want to imagine being part of it.

Exactly as the title states, the game called “Life”, is truly an epic game that lasts for a lifetime.
Game start.

First, you cooperate with your parents and automatically begin the process of character customization.

After receiving blessings from your father, mother and many others in a touching opening cutscene, you can finally begin controlling your main character.

Even though the controls take a while to get used to, you eventually learn them, and you are thrown into a hub of social competition – school.

The realm where this game takes place in – Earth.

We were thrown in a corner of this gigantic map, and faced a massive sandbox game. We saw the slogan and were instantly hooked, but we quickly noticed –

-- “We were tricked”.

Infinite possibilities – Well, this statement may not be false.

But the catch to this game was, no one told us that we could do things our own way.

Disadvantages were caused by insufficient character levels, experience points, funds and not to mention spawn location.

Seemingly endless shackles ruined the freedom allowed in this game.
However, we continued to work hard.

Trusting in the fanciful slogan, we constantly fell down and picked ourselves up.
We truly believed that we possessed infinite potential.

So, we engrossed ourselves in raising our levels, farming experience and earning money.
Despite our complaints about the unfair conditions given due to the “Talents” or “Qualities” and other skills we received during random character customization, we did not give up, but relied on “Effort” to increase our experience points, endlessly working hard – That’s the kind of game “Life” is.

This really is a story that motivates and touches the heart, isn’t it?

- But, that has no meaning at all.

No matter how high your score is, you will never be able to beat this game.

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