Wednesday, May 4, 2016

No Game No Life Volume 4

The Gamer Siblings Have Run Away From a Realistic Romance Game

It was farther than the sea...
So far that it had become unreachable, a part of «fairy tales»—
In a certain place there existed a beautiful princess.
She had beautiful golden hair that even the moon would admire.

Her shining eyes could overshadow stars.
Even the birds would be humbled by her amazing voice.
The fame of her beauty had spread across the seven continents.
Men from all over the world kept coming to propose to the princess.

The princess said:
"Whoever can give me the best present in the world—I shall give my love to him."
Thus many a man came to propose with dazzling treasures.
Needless to say that there were gold and jewels.

The princess even received hundreds of territories, thousands of castles, and tens of thousands of slaves.

But the princess wasn't even one bit satisfied.
"I want things that are more beautiful, more valuable."
So there were more men who sent unique treasures to her.
Not to mention unique vows of love in the world.

The princess even received secret treasures unique in the world, heavenly objects that didn't even have another among gods.

But the princess was still not satisfied.
No matter what degree the beauty, they could not rival the princess' beauty.
No matter what degree the love, they were like granted to the princess.
No matter what degree the treasure, the princess had already gotten them.

—There were no more treasures in the world that could amaze the princess.
Even so, the princess still said:
"Someone come—is there a treasure that's even more amazing?"

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