Wednesday, May 4, 2016

No Game No Life Volume 3

A Half of the Gamer Siblings Seems to Have Disappeared

At what age do humans become sensitive to their surroundings?

To her, the [Oldest memory] she had was when she was less than a year old.

Although she had already forgotten the first sentence that she had mumbled out.

It was her mother's pale expression after hearing her talk that became her first memory.

Soon afterwards, she was sent to a [White facility].
Surrounded by four walls of utter whiteness, there was a pale-skinned and abnormal girl.

Aside from her, there were also other children, but she didn't really integrate into the scenery.
Her heterogeneous ruby-like eyes were always looking downwards.

But yet in front of her, there was a hill of piled-up foreign books, none of which were befitting for any two year-old children.

...............And from that time, she began to be aware of the term [Games].

There were big people that were clad in white uniforms, as though wanting to conduct an [Intelligence test], prepared out several games.

However, the games brought were fairly simple and boring, and everyone soon lost interest with it.

[Unable to measure] —— leaving behind this conclusion, the people that played with her gradually disappeared.

When she had come to realize that she could play by herself, a year had already past in the facility she was in.

Whether it was chess, shogi or go, she played on her own. And as the silence continued for the girl, the big people that were no longer dressed in white uniform started to speak.

..............Quiet, yet pure memories.

But there were also some memories that were labeled as [Boring] to her——

Two years later, there was a reunion with a woman that seemed to be her mother.

The girl still remembered that the woman was talking happily about getting a new husband, and as the girl looked into her eyes, it displayed confusion just like the big people with white uniform.

That was when she was three years old.
The "new father" of the girl brought that person that was seven years older than her to meet her.

When the adults were having mutual-fawning talks, the young boy occasionally smiled.

But that smile did not come from his heart and it could be used to respond to anyone else.
In other words— a smile that contained nothingness and expressionless.

Facing against the boy who was smiling nonchalantly, a mouth was opened before saying out:
" empty......"

The boy that claimed to be Sora, widened his eyes after hearing her speak.

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