Wednesday, May 4, 2016

No Game No Life Volume 1

It Seems Gamer Siblings Will Conquer a Fantasy World

Part 1

--[Urban Legends].
That was one of the [Desires] of which the amount almost numbered the expanse of stars in the sky.

--For example the Urban Legend that 'No Human has really ever stepped foot on the moon'.

--For example the conspiracy of the Freemasons in the American dollar bills.

--For example the time-space experiment that took place in Philadelphia.

The Chiyoda Line’s nuclear shelter, Area 51, the Roswell UFO incident, etc.

After seeing this many examples, it can be concluded that there is always some kind of distinct pattern between them. That pattern is a...'It would be interesting if it was real' kind of [Desire].

Smoke will not rise without fire as its source. However as it spreads and builds up, that [Desire] becomes a [Rumor].

This kind of thinking was not strange to the world. Since ancient times, Humans have always preferred the [Inevitable] to an [Accident], after all. The birth of mankind was likely the accidental product of astronomical probability.

According to the humans, there was something that intentionally wanted to create humans.

Looking from this way of thinking, the world was not chaotic, but more orderly. By imagining out a reason behind the meaning of existence, to help explore the vagaries and ruthless values of this world.

..........People lived with this desire in their hearts. Therefore, [Urban Legends] can also be said to be something that was born from earnest [Desire].

—Then. On this planet where there were enough [Urban Legends] to illuminate the skies, there were examples of it being obviously the truth, yet still being treated as an urban legend. In the end, nobody knows if they were real.

—Don't be mistaken, this does not mean that the aforementioned urban legends are true.

Only the reason behind the existence of these urban legends are somewhat different from rumors.

Now then, how did this [Urban Legend] come about? It started as any ordinary [Rumor]. But it became a rumor that was so unrealistic that it changed from a [Rumor] to an [Urban Legend]. And that kind of [Rumor] is like this one.

There was a rumor that had spread on the internet about a gamer named 『 』 [1] . According to more than 280 Online Game Rankings, there was a player with an undefeated record that always stood proudly at top of the rankings with 『  』 as his name. "There is no way something like that could
exist" may be what you are thinking. That was also what everyone else believed and it became a simple hypothesis.

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