Monday, May 16, 2016

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo! Volume 7

─────2222 Outer Gate ‗City of Moonlight‘

Kuro Usagi ran through her home forest in tears as it was burning down. Her young, small limbs desperately pushed her forward, panting, and while she was frightened by the beasts howling in the moonlight, she frantically kept running. The main road was already full of beasts and no longer passable. What she was running through was an unpaved animal trail. Running barefoot on gravel and thorns, her young legs were painfully wounded and bleeding. But even then, Kuro Usagi kept running while she cried.

―Haah. Haah………!‖

─────Today was supposed to be a fun birthday festival, too. She‘d wear the heiress clothes that her mother and aunt picked out for her, and she was supposed to spend her day having fun until sunrise like every other year after performing the Hounou-Enbu [1] that she‘d practiced for so long. But when she turned back, her homeland was enveloped in flames and was falling into pandemonium.


She forced her hiccups down in her throat. If she pricked her ears, she would be able to hear the roars of the beasts that attacked her community. If she stopped moving her legs now, her young body would easily be ripped apart. Even the strong and resilient moon rabbits met their own end that way. They, endowed with a multitude of gifts and even being known as some of the best in the Little Garden, were easily shredded by those beasts. In spite of the barrier that should‘ve had the providence of Sakra devanam Indra, they came commanding an army akin to a horde of gods.


Her parents took the rear guard to let her escape. Despite her concern for their safety, Kuro Usagi ran, tumbling through the forest. But behind her, she was already beginning to hear the panting of a beast. Limbs thicker than large trees felled the trees. Claws harder than steel tore up the ground. While fangs that could swallow mountains and rivers were bared. The beast‘s scurry quaked the earth as it steadily closed the gap behind Kuro Usagi. But even though it was a forest in night conditions, the moonlight was especially bright tonight and it would be easy to spot her figure. The more she heard the crawling tremors, the more her fear chilled her spine. When Kuro Usagi was gazed upon by a erocious glare as she ran through the forest, she was assailed by the sensation of a fierce blood-lust.


Her legs got tangled and she fell over as she felt the unusual wave of intimidation wash over her. Rolling down head over heels, Kuro Usagi crashed into a conspicuously large tree‘s trunk which was bigger than most in the forest.


She had smacked onto the roots that were protruding from the ground and she let out a scream as her young body creaked. Even if she looked at things objectively, it was impossible for her to keep running. She was quaking with fear as she clung to the trunk of the tree. The sounds of the tremors  and  the  beast‘s  laboured  breaths  accompanied  the overwhelming pressure from its presence as it felled and crushed trees in its approach. The beast that slowly appeared from the shade was——-an
aberration with the body of a white snake with limbs and 2 heads.

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