Monday, May 16, 2016

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo! Volume 4

ーーーーーーーーーYear 2xxx, Kasukabe Hospital. Room 708.

The last time she spoke with her father was in Autumn when she had just turned 11. She could see the indigo-blue skies and the sea from her private hospital room‘s bed. Her father, who was lost in his many years of travel——-Kasukabe Koumei, had suddenly appeared in front of her, bringing a vast number of stories for her as souvenirs.

―………An animal with the beak of an eagle, and the body of a lion?‖

―Yeah. It‘s called a gryphon. They‘re brave, tough, and also extremely prideful. They are the kings of the skies and the earth, after all. With their massive wings and powerful limbs which they use to cross the sky, they are the most majestic creatures to exist.

Her father quietly spoke from memory as he looked up at the indigo-blue sky with a distant look in his eyes. Surprisingly, he had paid a visit while being dressed in a formal suit. The father she remembered had always been dressed in some lame clothes, but this was quite a refreshing sight.
Rather large in size but a person with a proper stature, her father told her stories in a calm manner while sitting in an upright posture right next to her bed. Dissatisfied with not being able to share these memories with the father she was so proud of, she rocked her legs back and forth sulkily, and murmured yearningly.

―………I want to meet a gryphon too.‖

―I want to become friends with a gryphon, and have me ride on its back………I want to go outside and see the world like you did, Dad.‖

The words she spun from her mouth had such a strong tone that it even surprised herself. But it was a wish that wasn‘t meant to be. Even though she was born in an era which was said to be boundless for humanity, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and left in the hospital. Although she knew she was being selfish, she couldn‘t help but say it. Even if she went with her father, her legs which could barely walk on their own would surely end up tripping her father‘s as well. To her, who was trapped
inside a pure white hospital room, the outside world her father spoke of………a place full of the scent and vivid colors of life, it was like paradise to her. However, her father, who showed no signs of being troubled by her selfishness, gently narrowed his peaceful eyes and softly spoke.

―………I see. Then this must really be the workings of fate.‖

―Yō, I‘m going to entrust this to you. It‘s something you‘ll need more than anything else right now.‖
After saying that, her father pulled a pendant out from his shirt, and put it around her neck. At the tip of the pendant was a wood carving piece, which he placed in her hands and said, ―If you have this genome tree inscribed pendant with you, it should prove useful when you meet a gryphon.‖

―………This pendant?‖
―Yeah. If you have this pendant, any animal would………hmm,‖

Her father stopped mid-sentence, and looked over at the calico cat basking in the sunlight near the window. As it yawned with a big ‗nyaa‘, her father casually picked up the cat and suddenly tossed it over towards

―Wha, w-wha!‖

The calico cat let out a yelp from the sudden act, but managed to land safely. She fell back after receiving this body attack to the chest and hit the back of her head. Unconsciously, she puffed her cheeks at her father and raised her voice in protest——-

―M-Master! Whadd‘ya do that for all of a sudden!?‖

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