Monday, May 16, 2016

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo! Volume 5

----Outer Gate number 2105380, [No Name] Community, Residential Area

The pleasant golden hue of sunlight filtered into the room as Leticia, in her maid outfit, sat beside the window tying her braids. Placing her comb on the dressing table, she contemplated over the reflection of herself in the mirror.

"……I guess I'm good to go. I'm also getting more comfortable with this maid outfit too."

Leticia swayed her head from left to right to check her hair for a final time, causing her silky golden hair to glitter as they catch the sunlight.

She seemed like a twelve year old in a clean and neatly worn maid outfit.

Although cute flowery frills that line the hems were of no practical use nor did it comply with the idea of a proper maid attire, it looked very charming on her. And that could only be the materialization of her master's fetish.

Leticia stood with arms akimbo, staring at the completion of her make-up in the mirror's reflection, silently encouraging herself as her way to start the day.

Just then, a gentle knocking came at her door.
"Leticia-sama, the others from the senior group have gathered."

"Got it, Lily. I will take charge of calling Percher  [1] . Just wait for me at the hall."
Lily gave an energetic response of having heard Leticia's words before departing from the doorway.

Listening to Lily's energetic voice and movements, Leticia couldn't help but smile fondly as Lily's optimism and enthusiasm rubbed off on her.

-----The residential area of the 'No Name' community was a building of twelve storeys. With the storey of the building representing the position one holds in the community, the rooms get more spacious and well furnished with each storey.

Currently, there's no one living in the quarters above the third storey. It's definitely not because of a lack of people with the calibre needed to reach the positions in the community. But more of convenience that the building has accommodated its members up to the third storey.

Leticia's former bed chamber was at the 10th storey. However, it would be unbecoming for a maid to be quartered in a bedroom over that of her masters. And so, she currently resides in a room for one, beside the kitchen and the pantry.

"If I remember correctly, Shirayuki-hime has left with Izayoi and the others [2] . Seems like I can only share my workload with Percher today…"

Making a beeline for Percher's bedroom, she walked briskly pass the Community's intersection of roads in the hall.

However, she suddenly stopped her footsteps when she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror that happen to be in the corridor for members to regularly check their appearances in. Seemingly entranced by the sight of her own reflection----

Leticia seemed to be reminiscing a good memory as she gently lifted her skirts slightly and spun on the spot like an innocent teenage girl.

The clean white dress hems fluttered as they got caught in the momentum of her spin, strikingly similar to the blossoming of a flower.

And she spun for a second time before a smile of satisfaction spread across her lips.

"At first, I was against the idea of wearing such an outfit…" Leticia smiled as she continued looking at her reflection in the mirror. "But I guess it does have its own charms…"

"Leticia! What are you doing in front of the mirror?"

Leticia's body froze. Beads of cold sweat were forming out of shame as she knew that the damage had already been done.

What a painful mistake to make, Leticia could only blame it on the peaceful atmosphere that caused her to drop her guard to this extent. But remaining frozen wasn't an option for Leticia either.

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