Monday, May 16, 2016

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo! Volume 2

-Year 194X, 1st August, room 207 of the girl's dormitory-

The rainy season was over, sleeping was uncomfortable due to the high humidity, the half-awake birds immediately snapped out of their state as dawn approached.

Hearing a stiff yet light knocks on the door, she twitched her ears.
"Kudou-sama, are you awake? I'm here to fetch you, please get ready."

"........Fine, I got it."

Asuka slightly opened her eyes, what greeted her was the familiar ceiling, dark gray walls and windows.

Turning her body, she was surprised by the servant's strange voice. It was most likely a new servant that was recruited without her knowing.

Everytime she hears the monotonous flat voice, Asuka would always be filled with whimsical thoughts, suspecting if the servant was actually an android.

"If it was like that, it would be interesting." She thought.
But evidently these wonderful fantasy settings do not casually happen that easily.

There wasn't anything special, only the excited roar of the warden's "Wake up! It's a nice morning". Even though there wasn't anything worth mentioning today, Asuka started tilting her head.

(....What is this? I felt like I had a very euphoric dream.)
It was true, Asuka did had a happy dream. A very, very, happy dream.

Spending 15 years of living with a tedious lifestyle, she probably had not felt that much joy in a while and had momentarily forgotten the contents of her dream.

"Ojou-sama? What happened?"
".....I'm fine, I know the procedure, wait for me while I change my clothes."

Asuka, in response to her urging voice, could not resist and started laughing.

(Hahaha, How could this be? I don't even have any happy memories, yet a blissful dream? This is like putting a cart before a horse!)

After she pulled back the curtains, she looked at the dawn-approaching sky. The unlit room was like a pit of darkness. The humidity level was high as when it was mid-summer so wearing the sweat-soaked night shirt was uncomfortable. Asuka proceeded to unbutton her shirt and readily put it aside.

Asuka remembered that she had to pay a visit back home. Being trapped in the dormitory for so long, she could look forward to escaping this hell hole.....

However she did not have to persuade her grandfather about the duties.
(Calling a little 15 year old girl to go back just to persuade her grandfather, it really does instill fear huh)

Asuka listlessly sighed heavily. With regards to the matter about persuading her grandfather, it probably referred to the dissolution of the facilities of the consortium policy at the General Headquarters.

Of course, it also included one of the best financial group in Japan. In order to avoid that ending, Grandfather had to secretly continue the lobbying actions, using antipathy as an effective method to influence the opposition.

In order to dispell the unnecessary death throes, Kudou Asuka - Who could manipulate people based on words alone was needed.

Putting on her uniform, Asuka, wearing a self-deprecated smile sighed heavily.
(......What an embarrassing situation.)

Although Asuka was not an energetic person, she believed that it was important to return back home. It was a good chance for her to escape her life as a caged bird.

(The plan that was forged long ago......It appears it holds some value now)
Asuka smiled picturesquely.

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