Monday, May 16, 2016

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo! Volume 3

"The Edge of the World", Tritonis Falls.

Pa pu! Water splashed all around as Izayoi made his way to the river bank.

While holding onto small flaxen buds in his hand, he went to retrieve his headphones and school uniform, which he had taken off before diving into the river, and wore them magnificently. Izayoi then shook his head to get rid of the water stuck in his hair, turned and sat on the shore while asking
Kuro Usagi.

"Kuro Usagi, are you sure this is the Aqua Fran?"
"Yes! This most definitely is the Aqua Fran!"

Kuro Usagi put up her index finger and responded cutely while Izayoi nods.

"Is that so? Looks like locking on to the most clustered thriving region of the river was the right choice. So what's left is to make this thing bloom and the game will be cleared......but, this game really does not have any specified method for its clearing conditions?"

A (rarely) troubled look came over Izayoi as he sat upon a huge rock while lightly tossing the flax colored flower buds on top of his head.

What he had meant by the method for its clearing conditions, refers to the current Gift Game that he was currently participating in.

Taking out the goatskin parchment from his school jacket's pocket--- the [Geass Roll] was written as follows:

Participant(s): Sakamaki Izayoi of the "No Names"
Game Master: "The Lord of the Tritonis Falls", Shirayuki-hime
Clearing Condition(s):
*Obtain the Aqua Fran and make it bloom.
Defeat Condition(s):
*The player can't satisfy the clearing conditions until noon.
*The player doesn't have more conditions to clear the game.
Stage details:
*The players can't leave the radius of one kilometer from the Tritonis Falls.
*The host has confirmed that the Aqua Fran can be bloomed in the Game
Oath: Based on the rules, the participants of the Gift Game will be
willing to bet their pride and flag of their respective community

Scanning through the contents of the [Geass Roll] once more, Izayoi tilted his head once more.

"Requesting for me to make the Aqua Fran bloom......Since the Aqua Fran is a flower exclusive to Little Garden, I can't say that I have sufficient knowledge on this."

"Ah...... although Kuro Usagi had come along with Izayoi-san to the game, but she cannot tell you as the referee about the details...... but Kuro Usagi can guarantee that this game is definitely legit. So, the rest is up to you,


"Fight on!!!"—Ignoring Kuro Usagi's shout of encouragement that he took for a mere breeze brushing past his ears, Izayoi combed his hair back and lay down on the huge rock.

The water was gradually seeping into his school jacket from his already wet and soaking T-shirt as he leaned his back upon the slab of rock and that was a feeling that felt indescribably terrible for Izayoi. It was so bad that the soak in the river was much more comfortable than this.

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