Friday, May 13, 2016

High School DxD Volume 16

I will definitely save you by becoming stronger than everyone and I……

The Hyoudou residence that went through a renovation to a luxury home with six storeys up and three storeys down.

Well, since there are many rooms in each floor, there are still plenty of spaces left even if people come to stay here.

In one of those room, I—Hyoudou Issei, was taken into!

In this room where there's basically nothing, the one who is standing in front of a laptop that is simply placed on the floor is Xenovia.

It was okay until Asia and Irina asked me to come into this room by saying, "Can you please come with us for a bit?", but they locked the door soon as I stepped foot inside and got myself locked here.

While leaving Asia and Irina who are putting on an expression where they are feeling guilty, Xenovia says this to me.

"Hey, Ise. Glad you could come. There's something I wanted to show you today, Ise."
"S-Something you want to show me……?"

I ask while finding it suspicious.

I don't know why, but for some reason, Xenovia has her eyes sparkling. I can't help myself but to prepare for what is to come since Xenovia usually comes up with something not so good when she's in this state.

Xenovia nods her head once, and then takes out the thing she was hiding behind her.
—It's a box for a game.

"Yeah, I got myself get this "eroge" after asking Kiryuu."

The package of the game Xenovia covered with the erotic girl who is being pushed forward to the front! Yeah, no matter how I look at this, this is indeed an "eroge"!

Xenovia shows that to me very lively.

"And the name for this game is "The Fallen Angel Sisters ~Within the Boundary of Faith and Lust~"! Just like the title implies, this is apparently an "eroge" which involves you shaming very devoted sisters. Geez, this is why Japanese are non-religious. Sisters are the servants of God you should be looking up to."

This time she's spitting out her dissatisfaction towards Japan while looking at the package……
I ask her while having my eyes half closed.

"……I-I get that. ……So, why am I being tied up in this room and have myself shown with something like that? A-Are you planning to play that with everyone……?"

It can't be helped if I reach that conclusion.

Previously, the girls played eroge in front of me that were bought by Xenovia, Asia, and Irina, and that was something very hard to endure for a guy like myself……

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