Friday, May 13, 2016

High School DxD Volume 15

Episode Issei.1

Several days had passed since the assault by the groups of magicians. I, Hyoudou Issei, am currently at my house, inside my room, waiting to receive good news from Rias, while continuing with the selection of a magician whom I will make a pact with.

"——For that reason, this person——and so that's how it is——and if I may add——."

Ravel explains it for me while reading the documents next to me.

……To be honest, Ravel's words aren't reaching my ears since there are so many things that I'm concerned about I received a report that Rias's meeting with the House of Vladi is progressing well, so I'm not that worried regarding that. I will go to her aid if something happens. The problem is……
——Euclid Lucifugus.

He was the mastermind behind the assault the other day. ……Lucifugus.
Yeah, he's someone related to Grayfia-san. What's shocking is that he's her actual brother.

……The higher-ups of the Devil's side are in a stir due to his appearance.

After all, there's someone else besides Grayfia-san who is a survivor from the House of Lucifugus that directly served the former Lucifer.

I heard that Grayfia-san is currently being asked questions. ……It's regarding about how Euclid is alive. So that must mean that the higher-ups are suspicious of Grayfia-san and thinks that she lied about his death.

……There's no way that Sirzechs-sama will doubt Grayfia-san, however the higher-ups are different. They must be feeling uneasy so that's why they are questioning Grayfia-san.

Especially, cases regarding "Lucifer" are treated as a totally different story in the Underworld, regardless of the "Old" or the "New" one.

Yeah, for example like Vali who is a descendant of the former Lucifer and who is the Hakuryuukou. And the current Lucifer, Sirzechs-sama, who is said to be the strongest being in the Underworld.

If the survivor from the House of Lucifugus besides Grayfia-san that was the closest to the former Lucifer still exists, and he happens to be a member of the terrorist group "Khaos Brigade" on top of that, then I can only say that it's natural for the higher-ups to start panicking about it.

The civil war of the past, the treatment towards the Old-Maou faction after that, and the monster crises that happened recently due to those incidents.

It was something that the internal anatomy of the Devils created.

……Akeno-san tried to pass on the message of what Euclid said to Grayfia-san, but it seems like the way Grayfia-san panicked wasn't normal.

She probably never imagined or even predicted it. That's how much Grayfia-san thought her little brother whose status was unknown was dead.

Why did Euclid appear now? Something like the ideology of the Old-Maou factions……no, it doesn't seem like it. I didn't sense the aura of hatred and rage that Shalba carried in Euclid. Rather than hatred, he seemed like he had an eye of someone who has a new ambition in him—.

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