Friday, May 13, 2016

High School DxD Volume 14

Now, I will show you the powers of the young Devils.

Yes, I will make you regret turning the Devils of the Kuou Academy into your enemies.

On a morning after quite some days had passed since the monster crisis in Underworld—

"…………This is my room, right?"
I'm in a position where I have to ask myself that question.

"……Suu~ Suu~."

Rias's breathing and Asia's sleep-talking that I can hear from my bed. A view that isn't different from usual. After all, I sleep with Rias and Asia all the time.

The problems start from here.
"……Ise-kun……do it more roughly……"

Akeno-san who is saying seductive words in her sleep,
"……Guu guu……"

Xenovia who is sleeping with her stomach exposed,
"……The manjuu of the Heaven is so delicious……"

Irina who is drooling and using Xenovia like a hug-pillow. On top of that—

Koneko-chan who is sleeping like a cat,
and Ophis, who is sleeping while putting her hand above her chest like a dead person.

So a situation like that is happening on my bed with those members.

……Yeah, even if my bed is huge, I won't be able to sleep here with this many people…… So there is a magnificent view of my bed full of girls.

I'm already out of bed. Rather, I woke up on the floor. Most likely, I was kicked out by Xenovia in her sleep. That's because Xenovia is in a position where she is sticking her left foot forward!

There are many girls on my bed! This should be a happy situation for me……but I suddenly got sad and lonely because there isn't any space for me!

I breathe out while sitting on the chair.
Since that monster crisis ended, it's been like this every morning. My bed is dominated by the girls before I realise it. It seems like the other girls sneak into the room while Rias, Asia, and I are sleeping.

It seems like the actions of the girls of our group got more daring since the incident about my life and death thing…… They start to seek strongly for me. It's not anything sexual but more of a daily life thing. For example, on our walk towards school in the morning, the girls start to fight over the
position of walking beside me……

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