Friday, May 13, 2016

High School DxD Volume 10

I will keep on standing.

For that person—.

For my dream—.

"Zoom zoom iyaaan!"

[Zoom zoom iyaaan!]

The children reacted by showing an extremely happy face to my calls.

Having the school festival coming up soon, I was at the huge concert hall located at the old capital city of the Underworld, Lucifaad, doing a show at the center of the stage. Of course it was the hero show, "Chichiryutei Oppai Dragon". Usually, the actors wear the costumes and do the show.

But because of Sirzechs-sama's offer, today the "real" me happened to perform in the show. I just couldn't decline Maou-sama's offer. He also said "Feel free to decline if it is inconvenient for you"…….

"Here I go! Dragon-kick!"

I acted as if I was kicking and having a "fight" with the enemy Kaijin [1]  and the children reacted to it.

…….Man, that was……. Embarrassing! But when I saw how the children reacted, the feeling of excitement went through my body. The hall was full.

It was filled with children and their mums. Apparently they gathered from all over the Underworld. The stage had really showy devices set, and every time I "fought" an explosion occured.

……The devils were seriously researching a lot about the human's tokusatsu [2]  shows! Beside me Buchou, the Switch-Princess, and Kiba who was acting as the bad guy, Darkness-Knight Fang, were on the stage.

When Buchou, who was wearing the dress of Switch-Princess, waved her hand, the group of guys that were her fans started cheering with the children.

On the other hand, Kiba had many female fans which also included the mums.

……Shit! I'm envious of that bastard Kiba! But…….

There was something inside the cheers of the children who were seeking me that I just couldn't explain.

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