Thursday, May 12, 2016

High School DxD Volume 08

Life.1 Devil's Job

Part 1

It is sudden, but I'm confused about what to do with the thing right in front of me. There is an oppai in front of me. Yeah, that oppai. It's definitely a breast. There are two enormous soft looking things in front of me. Should I suck it……..? No, before that I will explain how it turned out like this.
During PE, I didn't feel well so I went to the infirmary room. Unfortunately, the nurse wasn't here so I went on to the bed until the nurse comes back…… Apparently I took a nap for a bit. And when I opened my eyes there is a boob which is white like snow in front of me. I was familiar with this oppai. The only real oppai I ever saw belongs to one person beside my mum's. I looked up a bit to confirm the face of the person, this oppai belongs to.


The one who was sleeping quietly was Buchou, who has long crimson hair.

She is my "Onee-sama".

……..But why was Buchou on the same bed as me…….and she was naked……. I mean, your black wings are growing out Buchou. Did she become defenseless because she was sleeping? Not long ago, there was a time when Buchou was inside the same bed as me before. I won't explain about that now, but it happened. That time, Buchou was also naked, and I have that image saved inside my head. Yeah, it's permanently saved! I sometimes use it take out the "youth" inside me! But I never expected that I would get to sleep with her again this quick…….

Also, it seems like she's sleeping while hugging my head…… I can feel the sensation of her oppai with my nose….. Oppai is amazing! It's soft! Shit!

My tears aren't stopping! There is a treasure right in front of me, but I can't touch it! Can I only enjoy it with my nose!? While I was thinking like that, it seems like Buchou woke and she opened her eyes.

"………Ara, Ise. Fuaaaa."
Buchou made a yawn.

"…..Bu…..Buchou……. Umm…….what is this……situation……?"

I asked her a question while my heart was beating fast. Buchou answers while patting my head, which she is hugging on to.

"I felt a bit tired. I was thinking of taking a nap in the infirmary and you were sleeping. So I invited myself inside."

I wasn't sure what to say. So that's how she explains it! Something like that happened while I was sleeping for a bit!

"Was I a nuisance?"
"No! It's the best! No, no that! Ummm, I don't know how to put it….."

A nuisance!? Absolutely not! I'm so deeply moved that my tears aren't stopping, Buchou-sama!
"Bu….but sleeping naked is a bit….. Too much?"

"I can't sleep without being naked. It also would be perfect if I have a pillow or doll that I can hug on to."

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