Thursday, May 12, 2016

High School DxD Volume 07

It means that there are those who finds it painful at what you call a peace.

[Fuhahahaha! This is finally your end! Chichiryuutei!]

A man dressed up as a Kaijin [1]  was laughing loudly.

[What! There is no way that this Chichiryuutei will lose to the Army of Darkness!]

A tokusatsu [2]  hero who looks identical to me goes through a magnificent transformation on the screen. That form is exactly the same as mine in my Balance-Breaker form.

We, the Gremory group, Irina and Azazel-sensei, are watching a video at the big hall located in the basement of the Hyoudou residence.

The programme show playing on the giant screen is a tokusatsu film called….[Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon]. Apparently, it is a very popular hero show for kids which is currently being broadcasted. Yeah, as you can guess from the title…..I'm the main character!

But it's not like I'm the one acting, and they use an actor who has the same build as me. They also use CG to insert my face and alter it.

"……Apparently, it became very popular as soon as it was broadcasted in the Underworld. The tokusatsu hero [Chichiryuutei Oppai Dragon]."

Koneko-chan, who is sitting on my lap, says that while swaying her tail. She is very knowledgeable about the shows in the Underworld.

I know that this is very popular because I was told that last time. As soon as it was broadcasted, it exceeded the viewing rates of 50% and became a monstrous show. I was actually shocked. Not only was that a show which has me as the main character is being broadcasted, but it is actually popular.

The story synopsis goes like this. The young devil who made a pact with a legendary dragon, Ise Gremory, is a hero who transforms to fight the evils which are the threats to the devils. The man who loves Oppai, and who fights for Oppai. He turns into the legendary Oppai dragon to defeat those who do evil deeds! And that's how it goes.

I'm watching the show for the first time today, and even though I'm happy, I'm also feeling embarrassed! Now the House of Gremory has the copyright to it. From what I heard, they made quite a lot of profit from the 'Oppai Dragon'. Something about selling merchandises and stuff….. The devils sure act fast…..

A toy-version of the Boosted Gear has been sent to me as well. And this is pretty impressive. It's so identical that it scares me. It even has a voice added in it…..

"The Boosted Gear Scalemail which appears in this show is identical to the real thing. The skills used to recreate it are amazing."

Kiba is eating popcorn while nodding. W-Well, even from my eyes their skills to resemble my Boosted Gear Scalemail are amazing.

[Here I come, you evil Kaijin! Tou! Dragon Kicccccccck!]

The 'Oppai Dragon', who is wearing an armour, used his special technique superbly on the Kaijin. Flashy special explosions were used as well.

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