Thursday, May 12, 2016

High School DxD Volume 04

Do you think a world without God is wrong? Do you think a world without God would decay?
I am sorry to say, but that isn't the case. Both you and I are healthily living like this.
The world moves even without a God.

Part 1

Good day, everyone. I am Hyoudou Issei. I started as a devil in the spring; it's summer now. The seasons feel like they are moving by fast...

I was trying to stop the blood from gushing out of my nose with my fingers.
"Ara, Asia your skin is beautiful. I am jealous."

"N-No way. Buchou, your skin is white and the texture is smoother."
"Ufufu, your words make me happy."

While speaking in front of me, the crimson and golden haired bishoujo were standing and washing themselves, covered with foam from the body soap.

Yes! Buchou and Asia were naked! Right in front of my eyes! These two girls! Is this Shangri-La? Or is this an illusion? This dreamy situation was occurring right in front of me. I felt like tears would come out from my eyes!

No, in reality tears were coming out. I couldn't be happier than this!

A situation in the bath! I knew that there was no God in this world, but how could there not be a God there? What am I thinking? This is a gift from the heavens themselves! No no, this situation is a gift from Maou-sama.

Wait...Maou-sama is Buchou's big brother!

To better explain the situation, when I went to the shower, I met Asia while she was in the middle of undressing. "Sorry!" After apologising, while I was trying to go outside…

"Ise, you're going to bathe as well? Ara, Asia as well?"
I met Buchou who was trying to enter the bath.

"Since you two seem like you want to bathe together, it would be much faster if all three of us entered"

…Was Buchou's unbelievable proposition. And just like that, we entered the bath. Normally this would be an impossible situation. However, even after I stared at their naked bodies, they didn't seem to be embarrassed. It was a progress that was like a miracle and a dream combined together.

Even I, who had been called the incarnation of a pervert, was disturbed about how to handle this fortune of good luck in front of me! I tried as much as possible not to stare at them. In reality I wanted to see! I wanted to look at them! I wanted to engrave their bodies into my eyes and brain! I wanted to use them for my personal fantasies in the night!

However, if I did that, my nose bleed would keep gushing forth until the bathtub would become dyed red. I don't want suspicious things like that to happen in this situation!

I wanted this atmosphere to continue as much as possible! Even though looking at them straight in the face was a deadly poison, I didn't feel that atmosphere in this bathroom! I wanted this to continue as much as possible. This situation is definitely precious! Even if I just have to hear the two girls' conversation!

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