Thursday, May 12, 2016

High School DxD Volume 03

I won't forgive Excalibur.

Part 1

Hello everyone. It's Hyoudou Issei.
This is abrupt, but once or twice, all of you also have things that happen when you're in bed, right?

For example, being late because the alarm didn't go off, or falling off your bed because you moved around while sleeping.

In my case, something that is happening to me right now far exceeds my expectations......

I can hear a seductive voice. Yeah, it's coming from very close to me. When I look next to me, the one who is sleeping there is the crimson haired Onee-sama, Rias-buchou. My master, who is a High-class Devil.

She basically forced herself into my home several days ago, and has started living with me.
She seems to have come in my bed before I noticed...... And she's happens to be naked......

No, I knew about it. Buchou told me herself that she sleeps naked and she even did the same thing to me when I was sleeping on the infirmary bed at school.

Kuuuuu! I can feel a soft sensation from the left side of my body! She's sleeping while using me as her hug-pillow!

Buchou's smell is stimulating my nose! Why does Buchou smell this good?

I mean, her breast is completely touching my left arm! And my left hand is completely covered by something that is extremely soft! It's her thigh. My left hand is between her two thighs like a sandwich! A "Thigh sandwich"!

This is such a wonderful thing!

Thanks to that, I am in a situation where I can't move. No, I don't want to move! I don't want to end this wonderful situation!

This only happened just a few days after she started living with me! I thought it was going to feel awkward living with Buchou, but if this kind of thing continues then I am all for it! Banzai!

"...... Ara. You're awake?"

"Y...yeah. Yes. When I woke up...... it was like this. So I didn't know what to do....."

Well, that's how I actually felt. I had no idea what I should do. And since my master woke up, I'm even less sure of what I'm supposed to do.

"I'm sorry. I felt like sleeping while using you as my hugging pillow. I came in after you went to sleep."

That kind of thing happens!? I can't understand Buchou's feelings!?

Buchou then hugged the left side of my body even stronger. Uoooooooo!

"What should we do? It might be wonderful to stay like this until it's time to wake up........ Maybe doing something a little bit naughty would be a good way to communicate with my adorable servant."

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