Thursday, May 12, 2016

High School DxD Volume 02

I wanted to protect that person.
It's not about the contract or constraint.
That person needs to stand strong while wavering her crimson hair.
That's the person who I came to admire.
So lend me your strength. -Red Heavenly Dragon-san.


I'm Hyoudou Issei. People call me "Ise".
I'm a 2nd year high school student. Unfortunately, I'm not a "normal high school student".

That's because I happen to be a Devil. No, I'm serious. It's just that I was reincarnated into a Devil.
Well, that's not important right now. Just think of me as a high school Devil.

That's what I am, but I don't know what to do with the situation happening right in front of me.
For some reason, I'm in a place which looks like a chapel. There are familiar faces around me.

"Damn it! For Ise to get married!"
"It's some kind of mistake! This is some kind of conspiracy!"

The bald headed Matsuda, and Motohama who is wearing glasses. My two evil pals are sending out words to me while putting on an envious look.

"Ise! I want my first grandchild to be a girl!"
"Sob, you have grown! You were a worthless child whose only pride was his desire to have sex!"

Both my parents are crying. Stop saying such things!
I'm wearing a white tuxedo.

It's like a wedding scene. Wait, this is a wedding scene.
Even the wedding song is being played within this chapel.

Mine!? Is it my wedding!?

I became astonished at this sudden and shocking situation, then what about my bride? Who is my bride?

"Ise, you can't look around restlessly."

A familiar voice comes from my side. When I look to my side, there is a beauty, Rias Gremory-buchou, who has her crimson hair down to her hips standing right there.

She is the one who turned me into a Devil, and she happens to be a High-class Devil who holds a peerage. I'm the servant Devil of Rias-buchou and also her servant.

More than that, she looks so gorgeous in her wedding dress that I can't directly look at her. Sob, Buchou, you look so beautiful!

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