Thursday, May 12, 2016

High School DxD Volume 01

The same colour as that person's hair—.
That's what I thought while I looked at my hand covered in blood.
Red— Crimson red hair which is more brilliant than strawberry-blonde.
Yes, that person's long and beautiful crimson hair has the same colour as the colour my hand is covered in.


Hyoudou Issei — that is my name. My parents and guys at school call me "Ise".

I'm a second year high school student who is currently experiencing the time of his youth.

There was a time when a student who I'd never met before said, "Isn't that Ise?", so I really don't know just how much my name is known to others.

I'm unexpectedly popular, you say?

No, that isn't the case. After all, I'm so famous for being really lecherous that I even got accused of peeping inside the Girls Kendo Club's changing room.

I won't do such a shameless thing as peeping into the girls' changing room……

I'm sorry. I was at the scene. I was in the storage room next to the Kendo Club. I was trying to peep from the hole on the wall in the Kendo Club's storage room.

Unfortunately I couldn't have a look. That's because Matsuda and Motohama wouldn't get away from the hole. Seriously, those guys……

I couldn't calm myself down when those two idiots said things like "Ohhh!
Murayama seriously has big tits!" and "Ahhh, Katase sure has nice legs".

Of course I wanted to have a look! But there were guys approaching the storage room, so I ran from the scene.

However, something really blissful happened to a guy like me, who would be doing all sorts of perverted stuff every day.

"Please go out with me."
A confession from a girl!

I felt what it was like to be a youth.
For a guy like me who didn't have a girlfriend, it was like a dream come true.

The name of my girlfriend is Amano Yuuma-chan. She is a girl with silky black hair and a slender body.

She's so cute that I fell in love with her at first sight.

Won't you say "OK" right away if some beauty comes up to you and say "Hyoudou-kun! I love you!

Please go out with me!"?

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