Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ero Manga Sensei Volume 2

Chapter 1

Izumi Masamune. Fifteen years old. High school student.

I'm working as a novel author while still attending school.

My pen name is Izumi Masamune, basically it's my real name too.

Due to certain circumstances, I have been living alone with my hikikomori little sister for a year.

This little sister of mine is very troublesome – she never comes out of her room.

We live under the same roof, but I barely get a chance to see her face. I had trouble thinking of how to improve the situation, on the other hand every day I still bring her meal to her 'locked room'.

Until a day in April ---
The situation changed.

By accident, I found out about my little sister's secret identity.
My novel illustrator, Eromanga-sensei.

My partner that I had never meet before.
'He' is my little sister – Izumi Sagiri.

Someone who makes live video streams, someone who enjoys talking with his fans.

Someone who loves erotic illustrations above all else, and someone who is so good that even a bestselling author loves him.

That is Eromanga-sensei, and it turned out "he" and my hikikomori little sister were the same person!
This was no longer a surprise.

I think this is a chance. A chance for me to improve my relationship with my hikikomori little sister.
Because my little sister, who lives together with me -- is my partner.

However… well, a lot happened afterwards.

For example, I finally saw my little sister after a year. The locked room's door would open sometimes as well.

For example, the bestselling author Yamada Elf. In order to keep her away from Eromanga- sensei, I had a showdown with her.

For example, my little sister now knew that I loved her from the moment that we met.

"Then I'll bring you out of your room to watch the anime together! My original story, your character designs, our anime!"

We shared a common dream.
The two of us took our first step together.

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